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Florida-West Coast

So via email...

... My fiance -- not even me -- gets a message from the wedding coordinator at the Tradewinds that she's leaving in two days and hey -- she's putting things in someone else's capable hands.

NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL!! And she has been so lazy and has screwed up so much up to this point that I was relying on her promises to undo her previous mistakes! UGH!!!

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Re: So via email...

  • Oh did I mention the wedding's in 3.5 weeks and we live in Chicago? Thanks for letting me vent.
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  • So sorry you are dealing with this. On my end via EMAIL I left a call and just called again...we owe final payment on our reception venue but wanted to know set up time day prior and fee to add it to the check.....she promised a reply yesterday. I'm STILL waiting.

    Pray the new person is ready to show the world they are meant for the job and go out of their way!
    Nichole Tampa, FL BabyFetus Ticker
  • That sucks, but like Shakeup said, maybe the person will be better.

    On a side note, we attending a wedding at the Tradewinds on November. 

  • UGH ShakeUpTampa!!!! GHUGH UGH!!!!!! Why are they so unprofessional and insensitive?! Thank you for the sympathy and for totally getting it. Grr -- they suck.
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  • Thanks teachermegs -- I hope so, but that would require them actually giving us this new person's name and number to contact her. We had a special meeting scheduled with the woman who is leaving  -- and this meeting is something we made time for on the day before our wedding to go over something she promised to do because she screwed up bigtime!!!  I only hope I can remember to keep all the things in my head that I had crossed off as done. How unbelievably ballsy to drop an email and leave things so up in the air like that.
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  • Make lists...tonight I am making a million lists:

    and I just got a few more rsvps (a week and a half after deadline) and have to redo the seating chart lol.

    I need a list of who to buy gifts for, food we are picking up Thursday before wedding, Sams club shopping list for buffet supplies, and the list goes on and on and on....All our final payments are to be doled out...but only if they CONTACT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    My only good news this week is that today one of my attornies called and the first settlement in my car accident in October is closed. Two more to go...and a lein against my "employer" for fobidding me to work when Workers comp refuses to return our calls to schedule my orthopedic....shoot..I think we need drinks...stiff ones!
    Nichole Tampa, FL BabyFetus Ticker
  • sorry about this hun. were any of her promises via email too?
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  • You girls are the best. Just having support and sympathy is VERY helpful!
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  • The Tradewinds is one of the top venues in this area, and I am so surprised to see your post.  Must have been that the previous woman was not a good choice and it took a while to collect the information to fire her.  But I would totally expect that the new person will be much better than the last - because the T has a huge important reputation that they cannot afford to tarnish. 
  • This happened to me with my venue. I  had been communicating with the wedding coordinator and she knew exactly what I  wanted. She had an attitude  about some  issues and double booked our rehearsal time. The week before the wedding, she just casually let me know that another  person would  be handling all the details. This was very  unprofessional. I met this new person right before I walked down the aisle. He really wanted  to make sure that everything was perfect for me and he was a pleasure to work with. I wish he had been assigned to me in the first place. 

    Hopeully  this new person will work out great for you.
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