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WTF Wednesday!!


We are half way through the work week - finallly.

You know what to do complaints go here!

Re: WTF Wednesday!!

  • WTF Self - What the heck is up with being super productive during the day and then the second I get back to the house I completely shut down and just want to sit on the couch and fall asleep. I need the weekend STAT so I can recharge.

    WTF Self part 2 - please settle on a dress style asap. The dresses you picked out to try on last night were COMPLETELY different than any of the dresses from the first shopping trip. This is making it really hard to compare the options as they have virtually nothing in common. I am such a bad shopper.
  • WTF is up with my staff this week? They have been so needy, asking me to do things for them that they know they are supossed to do themselves. To top it off, today is my day off, and they called me when I was still sleeping because neither of the people there this morning had their key. THEY BOTH HAVE KEYS TO THE SALON!!!! I had to get up and go unlock the door. For real??!!!
  • Ugh Rach I would be SO mad if someone made me get up and come to work on my day off.
  • WTF Facebook friends, I liked you all much better before I knew your opinions on Every. Single. Issue.
  • Jenny-Election season always brings out the worst in FB! I'm so over it too.

    Rachel-I'd be mad too! How can 2 people forget their keys?

    Im going to go ahead and WTF myself. With everything that went on this week I completely forgot to send out our marriage license. And in the process of bringing it to Fedex last night so we could overnight it (for $60! ouch!) I ran into a curb, blew a tire, and bent my rim. LAST THING I NEEDED RIGHT NOW. WTF self, learn to drive.
  • Am I a werido..? I don't think I have a WTF for the week!

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  • I've been walking around looking like an unapproachable biatch all week w/o even being aware of it and now I need to find out what's bothering me for me to look that way!
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