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March 2012 Weddings


Hello ladies!

So excited- FI and I just set March 25 2012 as the big day!  We're both finishing up school and living in seperate states which is why we decided to have a longer engagement.  The only problem is that I'm itching to plan!  So my question is, what's your timeline?  When are you booking venues, photographers, etc?  If you're doing engagement pictures, when are you shooting them?  When are you registering?  This is all so exciting!
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Re: Timeline?

  • I am planning to book my hall this month.  The photographer by the end of the year.  I already have my DJ.  So there is nothing wrong with starting to plan early.  I figure this way I have the best pick of vendors.

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  • If where you're planning to have your wedding is a bigger state (i.e. California, NY, etc)....I would say, start booking now, but don't just do the first place that comes to mind...search for a while and then pick a place. Lots of places get swooped up quickly.

    I moved my wedding back and so I've already had my engagement pictures taken, but I like that I have them done because I plan on using them for my STDs...which I'm sending out a year early (DW here, so I need to give guests as much time as possible). So if you're ready to get them done, I'd say do them.

    You can also start looking at the smaller things - colors, bridemaids dresses, groom stuff, gifts for parents/bridal party. You can also (if your budget is on the smaller side or just because you want to) start looking at DIYing stuff - guestbook, invitations, monograms, STDs, asking your bridesmaid, etc.

    Good luck with your planning and welcome to the board!!!!
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  • Our venue has been booked for a month.  We are planning to book the dj, photographer and video in November. 
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  • A little early planning is a good thing! We will be booking our venue Oct 1 (earliest they take them reservations!) Nothing else has been decided!
  • We are booking our venue in January, as our place won't even think about 2012 until 2011 is here.

    A little planning goes a long way.
  • Date: March 17, 2012
    Theme, Colors-- Check
    Venue- Check
    DJ- Check
    Videography- Check
    Photographer- Check
    Invites- DIY

    Since I was on maternity leave, I had SOO much time to surf the internet......   But I am a planner by nature so It feels good to have so much done.   Laughing
  • I'm doing the shoot in Laguna and the venue in Malibu. I totally agree with the gals, earlier the better. To save and not worry about extra charges :D congrats!
  • My FI and I got engaged in Decemeber and since we knew we were both going back to school full time this fall as well as working full time we jumped on things right away. We booked our venue at the end of Feb. and our DJ and Photographer by March/April. We ended up being able to lock in 2010 prices for our 2012 wedding date and saving a TON of $$$ which is a big deal since we are paying our own way. I would suggest looking around and getting whatever you feel comfortable with done asap to save time, stress, and money! Good Luck with your planning!!!
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