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HELP! Two Distraught Brides on a HUGE Budget!

Ok so here is our story in a small nut shell :)

We got engaged in 2008 in Disney World and have been ever since. Now that we are reaching our 4 year ann. date of being together we figured its time to FINALLY get married! We live in NY so its not yet legalized but were hoping it will be by 2012. I am a HUGE Disney freak and this is the main reason we waited is so we could get married in Disney world, because my dream was to get married in Disney World... but it’s so expensive and our families are not willing to Fly out their :(

Now our new problem is money and decent venues. We have been to two so far: Shoreham Village Hall and Med Manor. We have an apt. to see Brentwood Country Club and Thursday and Larkfield Manor we canceled our apt. because it’s out of our budget. So far my fiancé’s parents are willing to give ups about 5,000 towars the wedding. My father on the other hand is being well... not cooperative. He paid for my sisters WHOLE wedding without blinking an eye, but he is giving me a hard time!

Med Manor quoted us a little over 16,000 for a Friday night wedding in July for 150 people. It was 20,000 for 200 people. This was the package they were offering. As I was walking around the venue I was just like "ugh" I don't know. I liked it a lot better than Shoreham Hall, but its just not Disney lol Something about the rug made me itch and the onsite 600 fee to get married there and it’s not even legal. It’s just so much to take into consideration, I am actually thinking maybe we should just skip this wedding and go to the next step of life and try to have kids and buy a house instead. Frown

We are trying to find a place that has a package deal because getting everything separate is just going to cost us even more money in the long run. I am so frustrated right now I just want to cry and almost did in the middle of Med Manor. I pulled up and was like eww I almost didn't go in. The guy was really nice and everything, but I just don't know. I don't want to settle and I don't want a dumpy wedding. My sister’s wedding was gorgeous she had hers at Majestic Gardens for 100pp in 2002.

I really wanted to get married by the water at sunset... our fav time is sunset! We are definitely going to have a Disney themed wedding no doubt about that, but its the venue that is going giving us a headache. Advice? I've read almost every post from the last 5 months on this board because I am the type of person that is a HUGE researcher and i value everyone’s HONEST opinions! So please be honest with me! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

Re: HELP! Two Distraught Brides on a HUGE Budget!

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    Honestly- in my opinion- go to disney. I firmly believe that every bride should have the wedding they dream of. If you just will not be happy doing the wedding in a venue here- go to Disney- or else I fear you may always regret it or wish you did. This is the special time for the 2 of you and really- that should be the only thing that matters... making YOU happy. If you family is unable to travel maybe have a dinner to celebrate with your closest family when you return?
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    I say do Disney as well...I am having a destination wedding. I live in NY but I am getting hitched in Maine...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maine and I would not have it any other way. So, you should follow your heart. However, if this is NOT an should go with Lombardis on the Sound, Giorgios?? I have many more suggestions and can help in a big way since I have been to just about every venue on Long Island.
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    Agree with STBGenao-- Disney for sure! They have some reasonable smaller packages. Celebrate with your friends and family who are willing to come, and have a small dinner with the rest of them when you return.
    OR go the City Hall route and spend the rest on a fabulous Disney honeymoon! This wedding is about the two of you. It would be great if your families would be there, but the bottom line is to do what makes YOU happy. Best wishes!
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    just sent you a PM.
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    Does it need to be summer? we have 120 in December 2012 for $76 per person, gratuities included through a Lessing's property...
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    I just posted in the Gay Weddings board. My partner and I are doing a sunday afternoon on the water at the Ronkonkoma Beach Club Estates for $89/pp AFTER taxes. I love them!! It's not the ocean but I do love the lake. I also know a photographer that give discounts to LGBT couples.

    - Courtney

    E-mail me and I can give you more info. We are also 2 brides on a budet. [email protected]
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    Try windowso the lake
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