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Wedding Dress Second Thoughts?

Hello my fellow December 2012 brides.  I need some opinions.  This is a link to my dress.  It is a Claudine 7746.  I got it at a bridal show about a month ago.  I felt super pressured to get it, because my future stepmom and sister were telling me how beautiful I looked it in (I'm about a size 16 and kinda self conscious about my size).  They also offered to buy it for me, because it was outside my budget.  So I went for it!  It truly is gorgeous but I always pictured myself in something a bit more traditional with a uniform skirt and a bodice with lace and/or beading.  However, I really do love the dress and how it fits me or else I wouldn't have said yes.  What is your ladies honest opinions?  I can't decide what to do!

Re: Wedding Dress Second Thoughts?

  • I think it is a STUNNING gown and would be very flattering on any figure!

    Also, it's normal to have some dress regret, but trust me, when you try it on again, you'll fall back in love!

    Do what your HEART is telling you to do, though!

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  • I second FaithCaitlin but if it is really making you uneasy then I would tell your stepmom and sister the truth and the dress you want. 
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  • Not to make it a difficult decision, but you should LOVE every part of your dress. Even if it's not what you imagined yourself in, "your" dress will be perfect as soon as you put it on. It's really true: you know as soon as you put on "your" dress. I can't even describe the feeling!
  • I love the dress and its normal to have some dress regret. I didn't fall head over heels in love with my dress so you may not get the "feeling" with any dress. I suggest trying it back on and maybe you can get a more traditional look by adding a traditional veil?
  • Try it on again and see how you feel. If you still dont think it's perfect, I would start looking again. It will show in your pictures if you are not completely comfortable in what you are wearing.
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