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Bridesmaid Gift Opions

Hello Ladies,
I need some advice.
I want to get my girls something that they can use for year to come. That means something that is not to be used just on our wedding day. I have been in weddings and have received a bridesmaid tank and a satin purse that matched my dress for the wedding day but honestly when am I going to wear the bridesmaid tank again? So with this in mind would you enjoy the following gifts? All of my girls are Mothers and love themselves a glass of wine. They are stylish ladies that always have the cutest outfits and are up on today's fashion. I was in one of their weddings and she had black granite coasters with our pictures etched in them as the gift. Very cute but I can't do the same thing.
Would you be happy receiving these gifts?

Re: Bridesmaid Gift Opions

  • JessnJamesNHJessnJamesNH member
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    P.S.  My wedding colors are Ivory, Champagne and Black with hints of Damask so I know that I love the bag because of these things but would my bridesmaids?

    P.P.S. We were thinking of having " We love you! Jess & James 10/23/10" writtin on the bottom of the glasses.  Would you use a glass with that on them? Would it be better to not put anything?
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    I would be totally happy recieving these gifts, especially since I could use them after the wedding!

    I did something similar for my girls (I made bag and glasses) and also gave them some jewelry I made 2 sets, one for the wedding and one for anytime.

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    I just realized that My Post Subject Line is spelt incorrectly. I meant to say Opinions! Embarassed
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    I like the gift ideas, if they like things that are personalized.  That's really not my style, but if you think they'll like it, then go for it.  I especially love the bag.
    As far as putting your names on it, if it's in a place that isn't too noticable, it would be ok, but otherwise, I'd say skip it.
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  • DrPB2b13DrPB2b13 member
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    I think it's an awesome idea - but then, I also have no wine glasses, and I'm a sucker for nice bags ;)

    Seriously though, I think it's great.  If you do want to personalize something though, I'd personalize the bag, and put it in an inconspicuous place, like a tag sewn into the inside or something.  It's a nice reminder, but your gifts to your bridesmaids should be quietly reminiscent of your wedding, not screaming it to the world.
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    I have to agree with Carly. I am not big on flasks, personalized glasses, and other such personalization for gifts. Mostly because if I am going to have friends over for wine I would feel weird taking out my "Gabs" wine glass.

    The bag is very cute but I do agree that it might be nice to have the personalization somewhere less conspicuous.

    If they enjoy wine maybe go with a wine theme? Get them each a bottle of their favorite wine and some wine charms? You can package it all in the damask bag.

    They are your friends so you will know them best. :)


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    I love the bag, too, but I am another one that doesn't really like monogrammed stuff.  Is there a way to get it without the monograms?  It really is beautiful! I agree with the other posters about the wine themed bag.  You could always get them a pair (or even a set of four) wine glasses and have it engraved on the bottom.  Maybe by Things Remembered?  That way the glasses still have your personal touch, but they could still be used at a gathering (as a pp mentioned having friends over). 
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