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Daytime vs. Nighttime

I've always wanted the typical nighttime reception, but after looking into price differences, its almsot double the cost to do nighttime vs. daytime! I'm starting to lean more towards daytime because not only does it save money, but it also makes it so we have the night to still celebtate with family and friends. My fiance's brother and SIL did a morning ceremony with an afternoon reception and the had an after party at a hotel and it turned out great!

So what is everyone's preferance and why?
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Re: Daytime vs. Nighttime

  • hljaneshljanes member
    edited December 2011
    We're doing nighttime, for a lot of reasons.  I feel like I won't feel so rushed day-of, and I have always wanted an evening, dinner and dancing reception.  We're still going out afterward - our reception is supposed to be (if the woman would ever call me BACK) at M&T Bank Stadium's club level, so we're going to hit up the bars down there after the reception for a couple hours.  I think people will be wiped out and probably drunk by then, so there's not much reason for more time than that. 

    It is more expensive, but we wouldn't get a break from the venue we want for doing an earlier reception anyway, so what the hell.
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    We're doing daytime.  It made no difference in price at the 2 venues we narrowed it down to and FI decided toward the end of looking at venues that he daytime was a must have for him.  I'll probably be more rushed that morning and didn't realize that until after we booked.
  • strawberrycrzstrawberrycrz member
    edited December 2011
    We went with nighttime, mainly because FI said that's when a wedding reception is "supposed" to happen.  He thought it would be weird to go to a wedding, and eat "dinner" at 2pm.  It didn't much matter to me, however our ceremony is at 7pm, so I have plenty of time during the day to get ready which is a plus. 
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    We are doing an evening wedding, but a couple of months ago I went to two weddings in one day.  Weird, right?  Anyway two of my friends got married on the same day and one was a daytime and the other an evening affair.  Both of the weddings were a lot of fun.  I don't think it felt weird eating at 2pm...on the weekend, I often eat at weird times.  For me, I am looking forward to not feeling as rushed because I have the whole day to get ready...at my venue, the price is the same no matter when you have it.
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    I've been to both evening and daytime weddings and I didn't think that the daytime weddings were weird at all.  The only thing is that sometimes (depending on your group), it can be harder to get people to dance during the day.  It just feels weird.  However, if you have a really fun group who you know will dance no matter what or if dancing is not important to you then I would say go for it.  My best friend had an afternoon wedding and we were all packed on the dance floor at 5pm!

    We are having an evening wedding---only our room rental would have been cheaper for a daytime wedding, but it wouldn't affect any of the other costs/vendors so we went with it.  Our ceremony is at 7 with the reception immediately following so we'll have all day to get ready and take pictures, which I like.  Also, we are not inviting any children and I think that it is easier to justify this with an evening reception.

    Like you said, with the afternoon reception, you can plan an after party or all go to a bar or something and continue the party....it does have its benefits!
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    I happen to be having an evening wedding, but I definitely like daytime weddings as all. For us, the price difference was minimal so we just decided to have it at night. If it had been a significant difference I would have totally done it earlier to save money.
  • dawnmhaydendawnmhayden member
    edited December 2011
    We are doing evening but that's just personal preference.  I didn't want to be rushed and FI was set on doing an evening reception.
    However, one of my good friends had an 11am ceremony and her wedding was great!  It was in October and the weather was beautiful and it was so nice to enjoy the weather outside during the day.  She had tons of people on the dancefloor-but she had an amazing band.  I also didn't think it was weird to eat a big meal earlier.  Afterwards we all went back to the hotel for an afterparty and some people drove home.  The only downside was that those of us in the wedding had to be up for our hair and makeup at 5am!  But honestly, it was fun!
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    We are also having an evening wedding.  It's a personal preference.  I wanted to feel less stressed in getting ready during the day.  We also wanted our out of town guests to have that morning and afternoon not to feel rushed as well.  HTH!
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