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I am planning my wedding for next summer, in Sonoma County and am trying to be as sustainable as possible... So, I'm starting to look around for used items, mason jars, wood or brass materials for decoration, centerpieces etc. Our colors are sage green, tan/brown and either yellow (I'm debating sunflowers) or burnt orange. Thanks in advance!

Re: Recycled Rustic Decor - NORTHERN CALI

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    You might want to try the trash to treasure board, craigslist, thrift stores or garage sales... 
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    You might be able to find things at Denio's in Roseville as well, but more one-off things, rather than sets. 
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    If you are willing to take a drive you might want to try Garrison's in Williams. It may have a new name now... not sure. Still says Garrison's on the building. This place is full of old things! The city shut the old man down for a time due to the clutter and the place being a fire hazard. From what I've seen and heard tho the daughters of the owner have gotten in and cleaned things up and have a really cute shop. I've been meaning to check it out and just haven't had the chance yet. Can't wait tho!
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    Hi I have 16 Manzanita centerpieces that I am renting before my May wedding or selling after.  It has hanging crystals and votive candle holders.  The branches are natural brown and I added some green orchids. 

    I'll also have different vases if your are interested
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    I have 14 burlap squares that are 2ftx2ft and about 7 small runners made of burlap if you'd like to buy them off me.  Message me :)
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