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Our Autumn Proposal 11.12.11 with pics :)

I am new to the knot and am so excited to begin planning our wedding! My fiance, Mr. M, and I live in Virginia where Autumn is so beautiful with the weather and the leaves changing color! I've been living in Florida the past 6 years, so this is my first real season change in a long time! We scheduled to have a photographer take some professional 'fall couple's photos' for us on the 12th of November to get some nice shots outdoor with the leaves and to give us some gift options for our parents for christmas. Mr. M told me that he would give the photographer a call and set up the session and take care of everything so that I wouldn't have to worry about it. I thought that was amazingly helpful and didn't think anything else of it. When he called the photographer he told him that this wasn't just a couple's photo shoot like I thought, he really was going to propose during the beginning of the shoot and capture it all on film and the rest of the session would be our engagement photos. The day came and the session was late afternoon, I had been a diva all morning trying to make sure our outfits, hair, etc. were absolutely perfect (and I'm so glad that I did because that was an amazing moment to have captured on camera!) We arrived at the park that we had the shoot and our photographer had us do a few poses just to get comfortable and then told us about a great bridge nearby. He told us that he'd walk to the end of the bridge and then we should walk slowly toward him and stop halfway for some more poses. We get to the halfway point and then do a few poses and then Mr. M turns to look at me and slowly starts to get on one knee, pulls a little box from the inside pocket of his coat and jokingly says to me 'you didn't check my secret pocket today did you?' (I had been checking the secret pocket to be funny up to this point because i said it would be the perfect place to hide an engagement ring) The one day that I didn't check it was the one day it was actually in there! The proposal went off beautifully, I said yes, and now we are planning for our wedding next year on 11.10.12 :)

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Re: Our Autumn Proposal 11.12.11 with pics :)

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