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October 2012 Weddings

Fun rehearsal bouquet?

Are any of you ladies using a fun rehearsal bouquet? I know some brides use the bows and ribbons from the bridal shower. But what if you don't have any bows or ribbons from the bridal shower or you didn't have one? Any other ideas?
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Re: Fun rehearsal bouquet?

  • I've seen this idea, but I'm not sure how you would make it or if you would buy it! CLICKY!

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  • The paper rose is awesome!!! What a great idea!!!
    I think it would be fun to have a bouquet!
  • At my friends shower, we taped the bows from the shower onto a paper plate and then used like a toilet paper role or something similar for a handle, if I remember correctly. Most people I know put bows on purpose so they can do this. If this dosen't happen at my shower I probably won't worry about it. 
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  • I only got 1 bow at my shower so I've been trying to figure out options as well. That rose is gorgeous.. might try that!
  • From what I've seen at other showers I've been to with some of the ladies who have been at mine, they are ALL ABOUT bow bouquets, ha, so I would imagine I'll use that, but if not, I may DIY some paper flowers out of something fun. I was thinking maybe our alumni magazine (we met at college)? But, who knows, I may not have the energy to DIY anything at that point, ha ha ha.
  • What about a tissue paper flower bouquet? I made one for each bridesmaid asking her to be in my bridal party. They are super easy to make. Plus you can buy all of the materials at the dollar store. 
    Link to tutorial. 
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  • Thanks ladies! I just had my shower this last Saturday and all my gifts but one were in gift bags. So me and my sisters were talking about what to do now for the fun rehearsal bouquet. I definitely want to do something just because I'm really into making the rehearsal fun and laid back and loud! :-) I love the tissue paper idea! Thanks Heath66! I just might do that! :-)
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  • If I do them for the rehearsal I am going to make them out of lolipops. 
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