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The White Room or Palm Valley Gardens?

Hello all :)

I'm currently living and planning my wedding from Germany to be held in Jax area ( I just moved here from there). There are two venues I really like so far, but I won't be able to view them myself for a few months. Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on these two venues if they have viewed them theirselves so far?

The White Room & Palm Valley Gardens to host ceremony & reception for approx 50 people in Aug 2012.

Thanks :)
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Re: The White Room or Palm Valley Gardens?

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    Hi! I'm actually getting married at PVG on 11-11-11, so I'm a little partial, but I can run down a few of the reasons I picked PVG over the White Room. 

    1. I thought PVG seemed more intimate. I felt like the White Room had the potential to swallow us.
    2. It's just beautiful at PVG! We're doing everything outside and everywhere you look it's gorgeous! 
    3. You have to go through this "strip mall food court" type area on the first floor of the building where the  White Room is and I just didn't like that. 
    4. PVG has open catering, and you have to use The White Room if you go there.
    5. This may not mean as much to you since you don't live in Jacksonville, but I wanted to get married somewhere that not "everyone" had already been to a wedding there or got married there themselves. As PVG is around longer, it will certainly become that kind of place, but for now, I still have to explain to a lot of people what PVG even is! 
    6. Parking in St. Augustine is a MAJOR pain. PVG has plent of parking onsite. 

    Hope that helps! Good luck and happy planning!
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    I've read the same about The White room...thanks! I absolutely LOVE what I have seen of PVG, the only thing I am unsure of is the wedding package is $4500 for the venue. Without food or drinks, so I am just really unsure if I want to pay this much for the venue alone. I'm waiting to hear back from some caterers in teh area so I can compare prices between private caterers and say the expense I would pay somewhere like The Whie Room for food and weigh the diffrences.

    Thanks for the feedback! Awesome Wedding Date you have :)
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    I'm getting married at the Casa Monica- there's a post recently where someone asked about the WR, so I gave a long list of pros/cons. I LOVE the Flagler Ballroom at the Casa Monica- it's amazing. And I found the prices to be the same as the WR, with no cost to use the space (you just have food/beverage minimums), they offer on-site valet parking, and the service is a much higher quality than the WR- worth looking at! Also check out the Government House!
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    We are getting married at PVG, we wanted to get married on golf course but when we walking into PVG it blew us away.  They are so easy to work with and I can't wait.  I drive by every day on my way to work and don't regret the decision at all (and I get VERY bad buyers remorse!!!!)
    The only thing I would look into is being August in Florida it is hotter than...well you know what... The inside has limited space so not sure how many people will attend but if it is going to be very large you will not have much space for your guest to cool off.
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    We're using the White Room and I've loved working with Meghan and Courtney, they've been a huge help.  Check out the Casa Monica's Flagler Room.  It can hold a smaller reception and is beautiful too.  Good luck!

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    Not in downtown St Augustine but we are having our reception at the Serenata Beach Club - it's technically Ponte Vedra Beach but only 8 min away from our church (at the great cross in St Augustine). The White Room overwhelmed us with their $20,000 minimum - Serenata was much more affordable and ON the beach!
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