Getting in Shape

Thursday Accountability

Morning Ladies!

B- DD egg white flat bread sandwich
S- 100 cal cottage cheese doubles
L- healthy choice meal
S- kashi cereal bar
D- idk yet might get a salad afterwork

E- 30 day shred

Re: Thursday Accountability

  • lol you beat me again!! :)
  • Morning!

    B: overnight oats w/ plain ff yogurt, skim milk, chocolate protein powder, almond butter and a banana, coffee w/ skim milk
    S: apple and cashews
    L: leftover chili.  again.
    S: cottage cheese and a pomegranate
    D: eggs and an english muffin.  likely edamame on the side

    E: FBB Define Yourself Phase - Workout A3
    PW: shake w/ chocolate protein powder, raspberries and skim milk

    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Don't sound so excited about that leftover chili, raynes!

    B - pumpkin oatmeal + coffee
    S - hard boiled egg
    L - salmon salad (1/2 can salmon w/ 1 tbsp hummus & 1 tsp. mayo) on multigrain sanwhich thin + blueberry greek yogurt
    S - honeycrisp apple
    D - lean cuisine (every time I type that out I instantly cringe - my cheap self might actually just break down and go pick something up)

    E - ellipitical
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