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Bridal Shower with No Gifts

I want to plan a bridal shower for a friend (I'm also a bridesmaid) but the couple does not plan on registering. They have both lived on their own for a long time, and really have everything they need. If someone really wanted to give them something I think they'd just prefer cash. Anyone done or attended a shower with no gifts? Any ideas on how that would work or what to do at the shower since they'll be no opening of gifts?

I'm sure once we send out the invitations, without registry information, guests will start to ask where are they registered or what to get. Do I just tell them they didn't register, and no gifts are required? I don't think I would want to mention they just want cash! And I don't think the bride would expect this either.

Any good theme ideas that could take the place of traditional gifts?

Thanks for your help, I really want to this to be a special part of the wedding!!

Re: Bridal Shower with No Gifts

  • I think you're going to hear a lot of people say on here that it's tacky and rude to have a shower with no gifts....because the point is the "shower" the bride with gifts.

    Can your friend create even a small registry? I know they have everything, but can they upgrade some of their current appliances? Everyone can always use towels, and another set of sheets...if she doesn't register at all she's going to end up with a ton of crap she doesn't want, because some people will most likely bring a gift anyway.

  • Ditto PP. The point of a shower is to shower the bride with gifts.  If they don't want any gifts, the bride should not have a shower.
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    Ditto pps.

    Who doesn't need new towels or linens every once in awhile. If the couple has a shared hobby, such as gardening, wine, cooking, traveling, you could create a theme about around that. The couple could create a registry that relates to their hobby.

    If you are absolutely certain that they do not want gifts, host a casual get together for them or a bm luncheon. Don't call it a shower, though, because the couple will end up with a bunch of tchotchkes that they don't want.
  • If she really doesn't want gifts, even upgrades then don't throw a shower.  What can you do however is some sort of bridal luncheon/get together.  This way the bride to be can still have an opportunity to see friends and family but it won't be a shower, just a casual get together to celebrate the upcoming wedding.
  • What about a honeymoon registry?
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