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Weekend Plans??

What are you up to this weekend?

I'm driving down to CT to see my stepdad and mom.  In the process, I'll be picking up my wedding dress from my stepdads! I'm pretty excited to have it back (and to see my parents of course)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Re: Weekend Plans??

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    So exciting to pick up your dress!  And a bonus road trip to see the parents!

    I'm going to get a mani/pedi with a good friend tonight.  Long overdue pampering....

    FI and I are going to a wedding of our friends.  Wedding is at Phipps and reception is at Ibiza on the Southside.  Never been to either and we are very excited for all facets!

    Sunday I think we plan to relax and recover :)
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  • dbpsu18dbpsu18 member
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    hello hello!

    This weekend we are heading up to my family's camp (really just a house in the woods... with a lake out back) and will see some cousins, aunts, uncles .. and my parents and siblings. Should be fun! Now if only WORK would go by quickly...

    md - YAY wedding dress!! have a safe trip!

    Melis - sounds like it will be a beautiful wedding! phipps is gorgeous and ibizia is really cool! didn't realize they do wedding receptions though.. that will be neat!

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    Hi Ladies!

     I am on call this weekend and FI is away golfing, so it should be nice and quiet. My sister and I are going wedding dress shopping for the first time tomorrow morning. We are going to Bridal Beginning and I chose an early appt - 9 am - in hopes that it won't be too busy then. We'll see how it goes!

    Sunday night we are either meeting with a videographer or going to my Dad's for a family dinner - I just have to make sure the videographer can change our appt to Monday night instead!

    dbpsu - Have a nice time with your extended family, sounds fun!

    md - Have a safe trip, GL with the dress!

    melis - I love Ibiza - they have great wines there!
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  • mdphdmdphd member
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    Melis - enjoy your friends wedding.  I really like Ibiza, it sounds fun for a reception.

    lindsay - yay for looking at dresses! You'll have to report back on how it goes

    db- sounds like a fun weekend
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    Happy Friday, ladies!  I will be taking yet another trip to Pgh this weekend. This will be the 3rd time in 4 weeks, so needless to say I'm quite tired of the drive. Oh well, such is life for the next two months!  Anyways, I'll be taking my dress to another seamstress to do the bustle because the first lady said she couldn't do it and recommended I hold it on my wrist the entire evening. No thanks! 

    I also need to drop my ring off at the jewelers so they can make a matching band. I'm so sad to give it up and I'm not sure how long they need to keep it:(

    It sounds like you all have exciting things going on this weekend, so enjoy! Hopefully it won't be too hot out:)
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    Thanks girls!  I don't know if it's technically a weddingreception at Ibiza.  They are doing a pretty informal affair.  I want to say they just rented the room and picked out a menu and got an open bar.  Regardless, I think it will be a great time!

    Lindsay - I'm curious to know how your appt at BB goes.  I have one there in September and I have heard lots of negative reviews.  I can't rememeber it happenening, but my mom said when we went there with my sister to get her gown and bridesmaid dresses they were incredibly rude to me because i wasn't a size 2.  But that could have just been one consultant, you never know.  Post a review if you can.  Hope you find the "one"!
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    We're moving this weekend!! I'm so excited to get more space and a nicer place :)

    md- yay for getting your dress!

    Melis- That sounds like a really lovely wedding! Have a good time.

    carlyanne- Wow- three trips in four weeks? That is intense. We're planning our wedding out of town too and I feel your pain. It hasn't been that bad for us yet but I imagine the last few months leading up to it are the worst. Good luck with everything!
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