How did you address your envelopes?

Hi! I'm still months away from when our invitations will be coming in, but I wanted to throw this question out there to see what others were planning.  I am hating the idea of paying someone $2+ per invitation to address my envelopes for me, but I've read a ton about how printing onto the envelopes or using labels is inappropriate.  My handwriting is also terrible, and I don't know how comfortable I feel enlisting friends to help, since it's so time-intensive.  I'm not super traditional, but if using labels will elicit tears or sneers from older relatives, I'd love to avoid that :) Let me know what you plan to do!!

Re: How did you address your envelopes?

  • We printed directly onto the envelopes with a script font. Unless you're having an ultra formal wedding, I don't think it matters much. I will say that I don't like the look of labels though.
  • I think it's becoming pretty acceptable to have addresses printed -- although I think people still snub labels a bit... 
    If you end up ordering invitations from Carlson Craft or something like that (you know...the big binders...) they often have address printing services.  They print directly on the envelope based in a calligraphy 'style'.  I think that is generally considered acceptable.  And it is definitely cheaper than $2/envelope.
    You could also look at something like this:

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  • I addressed my own. I decided that I wasn't going to waste money for envelopes that were going to end up in the trash. My handwriting isn't the best, but it isn't the worst. 
  • Been ages since I got married (MOB here) but I hand addressed mine. But started well in advance so I did not do more than a few at a sitting. Lessened my hand getting tired and writing getting sloppy. Just a thought that might help. Agree that the envelopes will be getting trashed, I wouldn't worry too much about it, as long as the post office can read it.
  • I think it is tacky to do lables.. for Save the Dates.. I think that is OK... but for formal invites. I would not do lables, nor would I hand wright. You are have a formal event. a hand written invite takes away from the whole formal wedding.. (unless you were doing a fun out door, BBQ or picnic, then I think it would be acceptable.)Where do you live? The person who isi doing mine is pretty cheap. she is doing calligraphy on all my address plus inner.
    her facebook page is deana calligraphy in Perkasie pa.. i think she takes about two weeks and chargged around 1.75 for inner and outter...check her out
  • I adressed all of our myself!! Including the Thank you notes also!! 
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