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How much did you pay for flowers?

I'm starting to get quotes from florists, and I have no idea what a good price is.  I had a consultation this weekend and the price was about $600 for my bouquet, a toss bouquet, 3 BM bouquets, 1 MOB & 1 MOG corsages, 1 MOC corsage, 2 Grandmother corsages, 1 head wreath for the FG, 1 corsage for my stepniece (not in the wedding party technically, but she has a special role in my life in general), FI's bout, 3 GM bouts, 1 Ringbearer bout, 1 FOB & 1 FOG bout, 1 Grandfather bout & 1 MOC bout.  With ceremony decor it's about $750, including delivery and set up.  Is this a good price?  People that I've told seemed to think it was high, but they haven't planned a wedding in a while.  I wasn't shocked when I was given the quote.

I have appointments with two other florists this week, but I'd like to get an idea of what other people paid so I know what a "good" price is.

Re: How much did you pay for flowers?

  • shrades77shrades77 member
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    What types of flowers are you using/were included in that quote?  That makes a big difference.

    I know what our total flower bill was, but am not sure of the breakdown just for personal flowers...I will check tonight and let you know!
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  • kelle017kelle017 member
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    I think it's pretty reasonable compared to research I've done.  I don't have formal quotes, but I've checked local florists websites and added potential costs up, and that seems reasonable, but I guess it does depend on flower type etc...
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  • monkey0919monkey0919 member
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    I went to a florist in Holland.  I told her I needed bouquets for myself and my 2 bridesmaids and 9 boutteniers.  I told her I didn't want to spend more than $150 and asked if she could make it work.  She said yes.  I told her I just wanted local, fall flowers in bright colors and I left the rest to her.  Everything came out beautifully and I got so many compliments on my bouquet.
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    im paying about the same price and that included delivery and pickup of some rentals......
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    It always depends on the blooms you want.  A wedding of carnations will definitely be cheaper than one with all ranunculus.  I'm paying that much for my flowers.  I freaked out at first because that was a lot of money for flowers to me but oh well.  Compared to other quotes I've received that was definitely a good price for what I wanted. 

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  • AmoroAgainAmoroAgain member
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    Whoa. That's a lot of flowers! haha. :)  We paid just a little over $150?  I think?  That was for my bouquet, 3 BM's, and 3 corsages. 
  • mandamariealmandamarieal member
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    For everything you are getting, you did a good job, it's the going rate!

    I paid $550 for My bouquet, 4 BM'S, 8 corsages, 2 bout's, some loose flowers for us to use at our leisure and my toss bouquet was free
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  • whiteybearwhiteybear member
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    I'm paying about $800 for my bouquet, 4 bout's, 2 corsages, and enough loose flowers for 8 table centerpieces this is also including having a rental company come in and do a fabric draping for a canopy over the dance floor with toole.  My bouquet alone takes up about $150 of that price (it's numerous hot pink spray roses, green buttons, and the shimmer sticks as well) our flowers for the centerpieces are hot pink stargazer lilies, green buttons, and curly willow sticks.  I think all in all that's a pretty good price for all of the flowers and the fabric and draping portion as well.
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