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When to reserve your venue, timing dilemma...

My fiance and I are looking online non-stop for a venue in Austin TX for a December 28, 2012 ceremony and reception with a budget of $6000 total for everything.  The problem is the fact that I am currently located in England and he is in Missouri.  I've found a few venue's I like and one in particular (The Oasis at Lake Travis) that currently has my date available.  However, my fiance wants to wait until he can visit Austin in a couple weeks before reserving the venue itself.  The deposit is whatever the room cost is which will be approximately $500 and if you cancel you get 50% back, $250.  I would much rather go ahead and put down the deposit and then if he absolutely hates it get the half deposit back.  Especially, since I've been in contact with the venue and am very happy with it at this point.  The pictures look absolutely gorgeous.  We are about 95% sure we'll be doing our event here.  What does everyone else think?  What is your experience with reserving a venue?  I am being too cautious in thinking this venue will no longer have my date available in two weeks?  We have about 5 months to go but I'm trying to be major proactive with my being an ocean's world away.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Re: When to reserve your venue, timing dilemma...

  • I say grab it! Venues get booked last minute all the time. The Oasis is a popular place and not only are weddings always thrown there but you have to consider your date too! Think company holiday event parties trying to also book last minute. A lot of people will be in town visiting around the holidays and I can see someone snatching up this room for even a rehearsal dinner or birthday party.

    This place is gorgeous and just as stunning and even more breath taking in person! There's always a chance that it could be long gone within days, so if you are 95% certain you want the site and it will work for you and your guests, get it! $250.00 is a whop to lose but losing your date and perfect venue, would have you kicking yourself until you find something else that meets your needs.
  • I think you should wait and have him see it.  There were a few places that we were sure that we were going to love just based off pictures online.  But when we went to see them, they were not what we were expecting.  There are still plenty of venues out there to look at and that will probably have availability since most people do not like to get married around the holidays.

    I'm not sure what kind of venue you would like to have, but ours is probably within your budget and they also have $500 in bridal bucks you can put towards your rental fee.  You can get the bridal bucks by going to a Bridal Extravaganza.  If you want to check it out, it's Mansion at Judges Hill.
  • Have you called to see if the other venues you are interested in are open? I found that most of the venues that I was interested in booked up at least 12 months in advance. The good thing about the Oasis is they have several options and can host several weddings at the same time. I don't think other than a handful like Texas Old Town - many places can't host more than one.

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