Wedding day of timeline

Does anyone have any wedding day timeline's they'd like to share?  The ceremony begins at 6:00.  Thanks!
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Re: Wedding day of timeline

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    Maybe somethinglike this?

    9:00 Wake up call to Bride, check, travel bag, etc.
    9:00 Wake up call to Groom, just get yourself ready, travel bag, RING!
    2:00 Bridal Party Arrive + Hair and Make-Up begin
    2:30 Photographer and Videographer arrive
    2:45 Get the younger boys dressed
    3:00 Groom & his side arrives
    3:30 Quick rehearsal with officiant
    5:30 Prelude music begins
    5:30 Bride gets dressed and touch up make up
    5:30 Guests start to arrive
    5:45 Bridal Party lines up for processional
    5:45 Special guest are seated
    5:50 Processional Starts
    5:55 Bride walks down
    6:00 Ceremony Begins
    7:30 Cocktail hour begins
    7:30 Pictures w/ Bridal Party
    7:30 Bridal Party entrance
    7:35 Grand Entrance Bride & Groom
    7:40 First Dance
    7:45 Groom and Bride are seated
    8:00 Dinner is Served
    8:30 Best Man Toast
    8:40 Maid of Honor Toast
    8:50 Dancing/Garter/Bouquet toss
    9:30 Cake Cutting
    9:40 Groom and Bride speech
    10:00 End of the reception

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    Thank you !
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    You are most welcome, and you can tweak it to what ever you'd like to do, and add to it :)

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    I just wanted to say, if your invites say 6pm start, your ceremony will probably not actually start until 6:10-6:15.  I would not expect the processional to start before the time on your invitation.  When guests read 6pm, they assume processional will start at 6, not that the talking portion of the ceremony will start at that time.  AND, guests are late, if you say 6, most will get there by 5:45, but many will get there at 6 and then it takes them a little time to find a seat, etc.  So while your ceremony may actually start on time, I always think it is better to error on the side of caution and build a little extra time into your timeline.
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    Oh, and here is my timeline from my wedding day, my ceremony was only about 15 minutes, so I blocked 5:30-6 for my ceremony and it worked out perfect, by the time the recessional was done and guests were getting up it was 6pm.  THis has all of my vendor tims in it too, which will obviously be different based on your needs, but at least it gives you an idea of timng.  HTH!

    10:00am “Getting Ready” 
    Kandy will arrive at 9:45-10am to start hair.

    Naomi will arrive at noon to start make-up.

    Hair:Dawn-DeeAnn-Dharmy-Rachel-Kristy-LyndseyMakeup will be done while those wait for hairLyndsey to start hair at 1:30 and make-up at 2:15 
    9am-12pm Tri Rentals will arrive to set room during this window 
    12pm-3pm A2Z Photobooth will arrive to set up during this window 
    2:00- Sandey (photographer) arrives at Four Seasons and assistant arrives at Troon 
    2:30 Florist arrives at Troon 
    2:30 Men Arrive at Troon Dressed 
    3:00 Girls Travel to Troon to put on Lyndsey’s dress 
    3:00 Videographer arrives at Troon 3:30 Parents/Siblings arrive at Troon for pictures 
    3:30 DJ arrives to set sound for ceremony and music for reception 
    3:00-5 Photos

           Girls and Boys getting ready and separate portraits

     4:30 Officiate Frankie Oxendine arrives 
    4:45 Allegro Quartet arrives 
    5:30-6:00 Ceremony  
    5:30 La Dolce Pesca arrives with cake 
    5:45 Photobooth attendant to arrive 
    6:00-7:00 Cocktails (and pictures) 
    7:00- Invite guests into ballroom 
    7:15- Grand Entrance BM/GM, MOH/BM and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Lyndsey Allen!“Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas 
    7:25- First Dance“The Luckiest” by Ben Folds 
    7:30- Dinner Service Begins (Salad, Sorbet Intermezzo, Dinner)
    During Salad- Toasts by Dharmy (MOH) and Dillon (BM)
    During Dinner- Father/Daughter dance- “My Little Girl” by Tim McGrawAnd Mother/Son dance- “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum FEAT. Jim Brickmann 
    8:45 Dinner over, open dancing 
    9:15 Bouquet Toss “Single Ladies” by BeyonceAnd Garter Toss “Theme from Dr. Pyser” by Ben Folds 
    9:45 Cake Cutting “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies 
    10:00- Photographer and Videographer leave 
    11:00 Late Night Snack 
    11:00 Photobooth Closes 
    11:30 Have DJ make announcement to see how many cabs are needed 
    12:00 End L  
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