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A Beautiful Proposal! Watch!

After discussing marriage for over a year, my fiance, finally proposed in front of our close family and friends last Saturday! Spoiler Alert! I cry a lot! Here is the video:


And the description of the whole plan that put us on the East Falls Bridge for the surprise!

It was a near-perfect day on October 20th, 2012. His birthday was the day before. She thought she was planning a surprise birthday party for him, but the whole time it was really an engagement party for her!! She walked me to the East Falls Bridge located in Philadelphia to buy time while she was waiting for a text message to walk him to the restaurant nearby where the "birthday party" would be. Little to her knowledge there would be no text message coming. As soon as he received the text that everyone had arrived, including some of her friends from out of town, he gave the text signal to walk on the bridge. Her sister sang, while one of his closest friends played "Simply Beautiful" by Al Green while 25 of our close friends and family recorded video and took pictures. There were a lot of tears, but in the end she said YES!. Then they walked over the bridge to the engagement party that she'd helped to plan.

The End

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