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Dates on RSVP

I'm trying to finalize my invitations and RSVP cards. My wedding date is August 18th, what date do I put on the RSVP card? I'm stumped!

Re: Dates on RSVP

  • We are also getting married on August 18th and we put July 20th. This is because we need to finalize the number of meals and appetizers on August 1st and it gives us a week and a half to get a hold of people who don't RSVP.
  • We are getting married August 18 as well, and we put our RSVP date down as July 18.  Our venue needs a final head count two weeks ahead, and our rental company needs it three weeks ahead for  chairs and such, so it will give us some time to call people who didn't RSVP.  This is the date that our coordinator at the venue recommended when we asked her as well.
  • We set our RSVP date one month before our wedding.  I had it at 3 weeks (leaving one week to follow up with people who hadn't responded), but I was worried about it and asked my invitation designer what the norm was.  She said most people set the date one month ahead of time.


  • I've seen people say that it should be 2-4 weeks before the wedding. 2 seems (way) too short to me, but I think 3-4 is good. We're going with 3.5.
  • We are getting married August 25 and I put July 20. Our venue needs a final headcount and payment a month in advance so I gave us an extra 5 days to get ahold of the slackers :-)
  • Thank you for all your help and dates! It really helped!
  • Were also getting married on August 18th, our RSVP date is July 18th.  We are doing this since we are making ALL of our own food we need to know how much to buy and prepare (especially turkey and pork)!!
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  • Our wedding date is 8/11, RSVP date 7/21.
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    I'm also getting married August 18 and we actually made ours early at July 9th. We only did this because we have a lot of out of town guests (who are very elderly) who have already practically said they won't be able to come so we wanted to invite a few more people for some of the no's we recieved but wanted time to do this still. Otherwise thought 3-5 weeks seems just fine
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