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American Spiritual/Thai Buddhist Wedding

Hi. I am new to the boards. My name is Sara. I am a spiritual girl born and raised in the US. My fiance is Buddhist, born and raised in the US but to Thai parents. My fiance is very "American". His being Buddhist is more of a way of living than religious upbringing. I want to incorporate Thai Buddhist traditions in our non-denominational wedding. 

His mother is not happy with our getting married. He just told them we are getting married Fall 2012. She automatically assumed I would make our wedding a very "white christian" affair. I have been researching southern Thai traditions before her comments, but my fiance failed to mention this to her.

I'm open to any ideas/advice.

Re: American Spiritual/Thai Buddhist Wedding

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    My fiance is also Thai and I'm white. He was raised here in the US but his parents were not. I was raised pretty traditionally catholic.

    So what we are doing is incorporating both cultures- our rehearsal dinner is at a Thai restaurant, our venue for both the ceremony and reception is at a museum. We're having a non-denominational officiant. After the western ceremony, we're doing the thai water ceremony with blessings from monks. During dinner, I'm having a deacon from my church do a blessing.

    Both our families seem happy with this.

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