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Honeymoon, registry, and RSVPs - oh my!

Anyone else starting to realize how CLOSE their wedding is getting???

Last night we officially booked our flight, rental place, and car for our honeymoon to Maui!  We are so excited since we initially didn't know if we'd financially be able to swing it after paying for the wedding, but we did it!  We are most likely eating Ramen for the next month, but it will so be worth it once we are in MAUI :)

Initially I was unsure how I felt about a registry, but now I love it.  Registry stalking is my new hobby even though I said I wouldn't.  A lot of people are sending presents now, before the wedding or the shower, is anyone else experiencing that?  It's mostly the out of town family that (I'm pretty sure) aren't making the shower, but will make the wedding.  I am absolutely blown away by everyone's generosity and overall excitement. 

I've been trying to snoop around about my shower (bad I know...I was also the kid snooping for Christmas presents), but all I have is the date - March 3rd (fast approaching!).  My nephew is only 2 1/2 so I tried to ask him,  but all he told me was that there will be a dancefloor at "Auntie's secret party".  I think this is what my sister is calling my shower, since calling it a shower might confuse him.  I am not sure if there is actually a dancefloor and/or if it will be utilized.  He's not the most reliable spy.

We are also in the RSVP stage of the game.  Does anyone know how to make a ticker at the bottom that says who is coming and who is not?  We have 15 Yes, 0 No (out of 167 sent).
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Re: Honeymoon, registry, and RSVPs - oh my!

  • Here's the ticker, just replace with your #s

    <img src=http://tinyurl.com/5okj57 /> 21 Invited  
    <img src=http://tinyurl.com/5e5xyn /> 6 Are ready to party!
    <img src=http://tinyurl.com/5acwqr />  Will be missing out!
    <img src=http://tinyurl.com/65h7dw /> 15 Are MIA!<br />

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  • Thank you!  Actually read the "Crappy Ticker" thread...just needed to look around :)
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    RSVP Deadline: March 9th
  • I'm so jealous of everyone's awesome honeymoons! I guess I can't complain though, we went to St. Lucia last month so it was like a pre-honeymoon, and we get Disneyland parks after the wedding... but still. Maui sounds amazing- you'll be getting Maui'd! ahah so punny
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  • We're going to Maui too - so exciting!

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  • Yay congrats! I really want to go to Hawaii but it wasn't in our budget for now. I'd love to hear how it goes for you though! I've heard the food is AMAZING (yes...I tend to focus on food :P).

    Orange - I LOVE St. Lucia so that's not so bad. And I also love Disney. I'm actually trying to figure out if we'd have the time/budget to squeeze in a trip this year...I'm thinking we won't but I kind of want to try!
  • Yay for Maui!!  That is where we are going too :)
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  • So fun!  I want to go to Hawaii too but we just couldn't justify the long flight for only 5 days.  We're going to Cabo instead!


  • Have fun in Maui, everyone!  Make sure you go play in Lahaina :-)  Sometimes the Navy will anchor subs off the beach, which is kind of cool to see :-)

    We're going to Costa Rica, I'm so excited!  My family used to go to Hawaii every couple of years(timeshares and skymiles) and I've been over there a couple of times in the last two years for work so FI and I wanted to go somewhere new to both of us but I hope to take him out to Kauai and Maui soon!

    Our registry has slowed down.  My shower's not until the first weekend in April, so I'm not too surprised.

    Down in St. Pete right now but I hope to come home to a pile of RSVPs in my mailbox on Monday evening :-P
  • Ich0708, we chose Hawaii for that reason -neither of us had been and both wanted to go!  FI has been to Costa Rica, so we ruled it out even though I would love to go someday.  We also both have been to a random handful of Caribbean Islands as kids (none of the same islands, haha!), so ruled those out.  Hawaii was a dream trip and I still can't believe we are going!  We are pretty much financially tapped, but figure that between getting our taxes back and wedding gifts, we will be okay. 

    We are doing 10 days to make the flight worth it.  I get a ridiculous amount of time off from my work, but I feel bad that FI basically had to use up the bulk of his vaca time for the year.
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