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Eclectic table decor

We are having a small wedding, 50-60, only close relatives and friends. We are both 51. We think we will have 7 tables of 8 people give or take.

We want our table decor to reflect us, this includes. Gnomes, Surfing, Cycling, Oingo Boingo, Pig Hunting and who knows what else.

Is it too wierd to have our succulent center peices, with a small ceramic gnome, sort of a whimsical kind of thing with the table numbers being a surfboard, calling it the surf table, another with a bicycle, calling it the bike table, another with the cover of a oingo boingo album cover, calling it dead mans party and so on?

Should I even care.

Re: Eclectic table decor

  • I think the general rule of thumb is to just make sure that whatever theme you decide to go with doesn't end up looking like a kids birthday party. That said, I see nothing wrong with giving each table a unique personality in the centerpieces, especially if they reflect interests/mean something to the two of you.

    I love gnomes and would get a kick out of sitting at the gnome table, other people might shrug. You'll never please everyone so stick with what makes the two of you happy. 

    You two sound like unique individuals and I'm sure you'll have a wonderfully unique wedding. Good luck with your planning!

  • I like your idea!  I was going to give my tables the names of some of our activities when we were dating, but I was just going to go with naming the tables after the crazy interests we have.  Having the decor match it is a really unique idea.  I don't think it is weird, I think it is fun and enjoyable. 
  • I like your idea and I think its a great way to name your tables. As PP said, you don't want it to be too oveer themey so if you're going that ecclectic on the table centrepieces I would be a little cautious with the other decorations but it will totally work :)
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