So I know that people have talked about this before but I couldn't find the thread.  We're getting married 2 weeks from yesterday so we're trying to get together all these last minute type things.  Who should we be tipping and how much?  We are having a church ceremony but not a full mass.  So there's the priest, not sure if there will still be alter boys b/c it's not a full mass (does anyone know about this?), and the church organist.  Then at the reception, we have the woman who is basically the coordinator for our venue, photographer (who owns the business), his wife who is doing our photo booth, DJ (who also owns the business) and the DJ's asst.  What did/are you guys doing?


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    I did not tip anyone at the church. We had to pay a $750 fee to have the wedding there, and considering they screwed everything up, that was more than enough. It also may depend on your church, but we did not have altar boys at our ceremony, even though we did have the full mass.

    I did tip the DJ even though he owns his own business because the emcee/singer was an employee. I wanted to tip him and felt weird about tipping one and not the other, so tipped them both.

    For everyone at our venue, there was a service charge including gratuity tacked on to our bill. I think this is the case in most places, which meant that we didn't tip anyone as they were already taking a 20% tip per the contract.
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    I agree with KLM...we are being charged to use the church so we will not be tipping them and the service charge is included in our venue fee.  The limo driver gratuity is included in the fee also.  I will tip the DJ and hair and make-up artists. 
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    One more person you may want to tip would be the head waiter. That person is waiting on you hand and foot, making sure the couple and the wedding party never has an empty glass. They also get gratuity but not any more than any of the other servers who aren't waiting on guests for every need.
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    We didnt tip the church but we did tip the alter servers. The young kids come in on saturdays and help out. There were two so we gave them 10 each.

    We had a wedding coordinator but also a venue coordinator that the venue supplied. She was very helpful so I bought her Tiffany wine glasses as a thank you.

    We did tip our dj, mostly because it was in his contract that he was expecting it.
    We also tipped our photographer and videographer because we felt they did a great job. We gave the videographer 50 and the photographer 100 (there were three of them there all day). For our dj we tipped 200. They did the dj service, lighting, and photobooth.
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