Saw your post... I read your Boston Shoes to Dye For post too... very interesting. I  can understand some people's opinions.  If you're not looking for dyeable shoes, you can probably find shoes without making a trip up.  I think their real strength is their dyeable selection and the fact that they dye on the spot.  Zappos is all great and stuff, but if you're getting dyeables, then you have to figure out where to get them dyed!  I kinda think it's weird to take shoes into a shop that you bought somewhere else and ask them to dye them for you... plus, if they screw up, you're SOL.  I ended up with Colorful Creations Dyeable Erica.  They said that was their most popular shoe actually.  It's a low heel... like 2" and was very comfortable.

I honestly didn't pay attention to their veils... I did notice they had some, but I ended up ordering my veil from at Etsy seller.  They had some neat hair accessories and jewelry.

Good luck!

Let me know how it goes there!  I hope you like it... I'd feel bad if you traveled up there and it was a bust!
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    Even if it is a "bust" at least we will have gotten to go to a local winery and dinner with friends! I'll let you know how it goes :)
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