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West Virginia

Should I be concerned??? Photographer issues HELP!

Ok ladies i need your help! I have found a photographer who's work I absolutely LOVE and is within my budget.  I even got a really good referral from a friend of mine that used her for her wedding and her personality is awesome.  Now this is where the second guessing comes into effect.....I told her I wanted to use her as our photographer and asked her to send me a contract and itemized list of whats included so I can verify what Im getting for her price. She said that she would get the contract out to me and it LITERALLY took her a month to send it(keep in mind that we live in the same city and i had to remind her about it a couple of times)....SO I finally get the contract and am ready to send it back but she did NOT put the package list in there with it, nor is it listed on the contract!  I spoke to her on a couple of occasions stating that I need it and still I dont have it.  Its going on two weeks and I still dont have it!....Im trying to be understanding but theres a limit.  Im starting to wonder if I should even work with her.  I dont want to be in the same situation with her when my wedding day comes around.  WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Be understanding and calm down or find another photographer?? HELP!

Re: Should I be concerned??? Photographer issues HELP!

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    You definitely have a reason to be concerned. It would worry me that she is taking that long to get you the information you want on more than one occasion. They should be going above and beyond getting you the information your request. Myself, I would start looking for another photographer.
  • Smurf83Smurf83 member
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    Yeah I think you may be right......Thanks for your advice !
  • amandalea2amandalea2 member
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    i would be concerned. pictures are really important to me i actually want to become a wedding photographer.  of course i'm in the beginning stages of it so it's really important to me but the when i had a couple ppl ask me about things i had a price list sent the same day they asked and i always answered every email. within a couple days of getting it.  i actually looked at one photographer for my wedding which is going to be in september and emailed her about pricing she never got back to me. i did eventually find it on the website but its to late i'm no longer interested. i would be concerned if it takes this long for a simple reply how long will i have to wait for my wedding photos. do you have the wv weddings magazine.  i not only researched to ones that advertised with them  but all the different wedding featured list the name of the photographer in the details. that's given me several more options. oh of course i would love to be considered but i realize you may not want a photographer with lots of past work to show and  ppl who recommend.  i'm still trying to find a photographer myself so if ya find a good one your going with i'd like to know.
  • LAK011LAK011 member
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    I would be concerned! We are going through something similar with our DJ services (lost contract AND deposit..) They may do great work, but their professional services are NOT great... If you are in love with her work, I would say send a politely worded email explaining the concerns you have with her and say that you would like to be sure she is going to be there for you the day-of. If she takes long to respond to this email, then definitely begin your search again...
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