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Hey Copz

Any luck with the pumpkin search?  I'll be down in Cinci for a wedding next Fri/Sat and probably make a trip to Jungle Jim's if need be. (And by "make a trip" I mean drag my parents out there with me since I'm riding down with them...and go to IKEA after if I'm lucky)

Re: Hey Copz

  • I am dragging DH to JJ's it just so happens we have a graduation at Miami University for our niece who goes to we are making a day!!!

    we will just miss each other, they live close to IKEA
  • I LOVE JJ's!  That's place is the bomb.
  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:86fad5ed-d98c-49cb-bb5d-a1193bae6f18Discussion:32db83b6-5966-4e83-a3d9-ed726f813a37Post:a36bc255-0ae0-4268-9dba-e61de3cbaa23">Re: Hey Copz</a>:
    [QUOTE]I LOVE JJ's!  That's place is the bomb.
    Posted by mighty mia[/QUOTE]
    ok, unmask yourself mighty mia :)
  • Let me know if you have any luck...I'm going to check the grocery store by my sister's place while I'm down there, too.  I want chocolate pumpkin cupcakes, damnit!
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