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What's the best and worst thing about living in VA or in your area of VA?

Re: Best/Worst

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    I live in Hampton.

    It is near the beach.. or bay rather. Other than traffic from the HRBT anything you could ever want is located within this area.

    Local crime is on the rise. But this is everywhere right?
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    Best - I have everything I need within 30 minutes - the beach, about 7 malls, and two different downtowns.
    Worst - the cost to rent is ridiculous. That's the one thing that makes me wish I lived in Kansas.
  • dandan83dandan83
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    Best- Living in the country. It's peaceful, and I can basically do what I want.

    Worst- Not being near anything. I'm about 10 minutes from "town", but the best they have to offer is a Wally World and a Food Lion. lol It's 45 minutes to the closest mall. Also for such a small town we have a large crime rate.
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  • mysticlmysticl
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    I'm in VA Beach

    Best: the beach
    Worst: the traffic and the fact that this is not a very "walkable" city.
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    I agree with Dreamaa.  I also live in Hampton and the best is that everything is close.

    Worst - I would say is the non-driving people and the crime.

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    I'm in VBeach...
    The restaurants in VB/Norfolk are phenomenal. From dives to fine dining we've got some GREAT food.
    Shopping...Tons of malls and city centers.
    City Centers...This is a new thing around here. VB, Hampton, NN...They're a beautiful addition to each area.
    BEACH! duh! Including but not limited to...Beach Cruisers + bars on the water + Oceanfront when you want to get a little touristy.
    And last but not least I think we've got some really friendly people...Compared to other metropolitan areas.
    Traffic, Traffic, Traffic.
    When you have to use a 2-Lane underwater tunnel to get into/out of your city...It's going to take a while.
  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011
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    I'm in a small county (population wise) between Roanoke and West Virginia.

    Best- Everybody knows everybody.  Most of my family members live about 3 minutes away.  Wholesome, conservative school system.  We're 20 minutes from The Homeplace, and we don't have to cross the mountain to get there. :)  At our one K-12 public school, a local pastor still prays over the PA system before every home football game.

    Worst- It's an hour from everything.  The closest stoplight is 45 minutes away, in Roanoke.  An hour to fast food, chain stores, "big" restaurants, the mall, the hospital, anything.
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    in Richmond (this board, believe it or not, is more active than the Richmond board)

    Best - 90 mins from the beach, 90 from the moutains, the James River 10 mins away for kayaking, 90 mins from DC and all that is has to offer. VA is so diverse in things to do, I love it!

    Worst - Housing prices. I don't think H and I will be able to buy a house in the next 3 years because a 2,000 sqft house in a nice area starts at about $300,000. The best we will be able to do is probably a nicer town house with a tiny backyard. But the schools are awesome up here, so that's a little comfort.
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    Richmond VA

    BEST- Close to everything, tons to do (all of which is affordable), 10 min from the river, carytown, maymount and 3 lakes, oh and the dog park! 1st Fridays are really a blast- watching firedancers! VERY affordable housing prices (my house was 100k for 3 bedrooms and a really nice yard). Traffic? What traffic? I used to live in NOVA and Richmond is so much nicer, friendlier, afforadable and just fun!

    WORSE - crime & potholes. The roads here are really awful. The police are very responsive to any situation and I do feel that the crime is going down.
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