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Pros/cons, how-to different bridesmaids dresses? Help!

I love the look of mismatched bridesmaids dresses, where each girl is wearing something different, and this idea is looking more and more spectacular seeing as one of my bridesmaids plans to be either almost 6 months pregnant or having just had a baby, and two of my bridesmaids live out of town. It seems like it might just be easier to call them all and be like, "alright - black. chiffon floor length. Go!" and let them pick something. Or should I pick them and assign them! How do I do this? Help!

Would it just be easier to do what we did for a friends wedding? - all of the bridesmaids agreed on a loose, flowy chiffon empire dress that was very forgiving on the pregnant bridesmaid and looked great on all of us.

Help, please!
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Re: Pros/cons, how-to different bridesmaids dresses? Help!

  • I didn't want all my girls to look the same, but I have five girls in total, so it was a challenge to find five very different looks. I saw that somebody wrote not to assign who wears what, but I did! I picked which style would look better on each individual's body. One girl is more modest, so she got a bateau neck. Only one girl has the body for the strapless and the others are in a halter, a one-sleeve, and a cowl. Way to many different looks?? That's what I was afraid of, but I was able to unify them in the same colored matte satin (heavier material for winter). Also, the dresses are all a-line and they differ at the natural waist up.

    That was my experience assigning dresses. It's not the same for everyone though when working with so many personalities! All I can say is it's your day. YOU get to pick what YOU want. Good Luck!
  • This article might help you - it weighs the pros and cons of mismatched dresses and different ways you can do it
  • This thread is two years old.  The OP is long gone.  Please let Zombie threads R.I.P.
  • @CMGragain, yes it's old, but it is helpful for some brides who happen to have the same question and can find the answer already, rather than wasting time to ask. JS.
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    It's not wasting time to ask a question. That's why the forums exist at all.

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