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Bridesmaid dresses

Hey ladies my girls and I are heading out bridesmaid dress and mob dress shopping today...I'm super excited...

I'll let you know how it goes later
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Re: Bridesmaid dresses

  • Have a good time! We won't be going til probably around September, I'm a slacker. Post pics fi you can!
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  • Bill Levkoff Bridesmaids Dress 178 Plum :  wedding BIL 178 1

    this is the dress we picked in a euro plum is Bill Levkoff style 178
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  • that is beautiful good choice!
  • Have fun! 

    I picked out a Dessy Lela Rose dress in duchess satin.  We're having each of the three women wear their own shade of the fabric, but the same cut of the dress.  

    A dark skinned bridesmaid is wearing Venetian Gold (which I think will be most flattering on her skin tone), an olive skinned bridesmaid is wearing Platinum (again, most flattering), and my ivory skinned matron of honor is wearing Midnight Blue. 

    Here's the dress.
  • Love the dress, great pick! I picked something similar for my girls :
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