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April 2012 Weddings

TK Driving me NUTS!

These messing up of posts and missing posts!  EEEK!!

I've commented on a few threads and they are now missing!  I know its not big deal, but some other comments I leave get doubled!  HOW ANNOYING!
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Re: TK Driving me NUTS!

  • yeah, and the time stamps are wrong and the threads are all jumbled.

    It does suck, but I know via the moderator board that higher-ups have been alerted and are trying to fix stuff.
  • So irritating!  I've pretty much stopped posting until it gets fixed.  I have no idea what order the posts go in!
  • It's way annoying. That, the jumbled posts, and the negative time stamps and whatnot. Ugh. 
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  • yup.  Tired of it.  Some days it seems worse than others, it's psycho!
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  • Yeah it makes reading some threads impossible. You have no idea what someone is talking about and then a few posts later you can understand it a bit.
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