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Rain on my e-session shoot?? Suggestions

Hello Ladies,

Im a lil bummed because we had to reschedule our e-session already twice due to on going health problems. I really dont want to reschedule because of possible showers.....so my question is more about my attire lol

Do you think wearing a dress with a short sleeve with open toe strappy platforms will look kinda dumb? I dont want to have a look on my face that Im freezing cold :) Which living in southern california cold for us is 59-60 degrees ha ha . I really dont want to wear a jacket because i bought the dress to be able to show it off.  My fiance is wearing a vest and long sleeve so he'll be okay.

I guess Its more of a venting session. It took some time to find our outfits and now dont want to start all over:/

Re: Rain on my e-session shoot?? Suggestions

  • Maybe take the jacket or a cute cardigan to use for some pics, or to wear between pics to warm up a bit.  You'll be ok :)  Plus that will give you more variety in your pics!  

    When I saw the title of your post, I wanted to show you a session from one of my favorite photographers here in Indy that they did during a rain storm.  Shows you that creativity goes a long way! 

     (scroll down to Jess and Brad, the last post on the page) 
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  • Thanks Sarah! I will check your link now...thx for sharing
  • i agree with PP. wear the planned outfit, and bring a couple options and just keep them in the car.  i changed halfway through our shoot =)

    also like PP said, some photographers can do some AWESOME things in bad weather. (like my photographer during an aftermath storm of a hurricane -- (the first photo after you click enter) http://www.nealurban.com/splash

    so, i'd say run with it!  a good photographer will have a backup location in case of rain or fear of a wet camera. you might want to have a 2nd location picked just in case. =)
  • It's supposed to rain for our shots this weekend too....  I'm hoping it will make an awesome effect!
  • edited March 2012
    We were supposed to have gorgeous fall shots, and it ended up SNOWING the day before (and day of) our session!!!  Well, we decided to go with it (I loved the idea since I was born in a January blizzard) and we both wore black jackets, jeans, and black gloves, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!!  My Mom borrowed me a multicolored scarf and helped me make sure my sweater hood was outside the jacket (for some color "POP") and we took off!  It was very cold at first, but the more we moved around the better it got!  We wore our gloves for some shots, and took them off for others.

    Don't be afraid to wear a jacket or a cardigan, the effect in the pictures can work out beautifully!!

    EDIT: Also, if you had matching umbrellas that could make for a neat shot (kiss under the umbrella, hiding behind umbrellas, etc.).  Also, if it is raining and the photographer isn't worried, you could get a shot of you "kissing in the rain" (cheesy? probably yeah, but it could turn out very well)!!
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  • Thanks for your suggestions everyone!! We are continuing with the plans for Sunday and hoping for the best :))
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