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Limos & Transportation in CNY

I am pricing Limos/ party busses for  my wedding in July. 
Most of the price quotes have been $899-999 for 4 hours. We are also looking to shuttle our guests from the Hotel to the reception and back. 

Any suggestions? 

Re: Limos & Transportation in CNY

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    We paid $1199 for 5 hours for a 24 passenger from S&S limousine.
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    We paid about $1200 for two 45 passenger coach busses from Yankee trails for 5 hours.  I believe one bus would have been about $800 but I'm not positive.  They are very nice so it's worth a call.  Just make sure whoever you use you give them specific instructions on when to leave.  We had a small issue with that.  GL!
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    I think ours is about $800 for a new, nice like 18 passenger limo bus for 4 hours where people can stand AND sit....that's through S and S limo.  I know a lot of people prefer Caz Limom, including me, but there was no deal and they weren't all that accomodating when I called.  I met the owner of S and S at a bridal show and he was really helpful.  good luck!
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