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Anyone need favors for wedding.. soon?

I have waaaaaaaaaay too many favors left over from our wedding cause they got put out too late.  We did:


1 mini sparking apple cider bottle
2 raspberry lindt truffles
(I have 20)

1 mini cooks champagne bottle
2 raspberry lindt truffles
(I have 55)

The are packaged in a clear cellophane bag with some shiny red crinkle and our photoshare card, and tied with a black sheer ribbon.  

We have a ton of extra truffles, if you need more, then you could just buy the champagne/apple cider.

 You would have to untie the ribbon and take out of photoshare card, then retie it, unless you want to totally repackage it, in which case I could take them out for you.

We spent about $4 per favor.. just want them to go to good use, price negotiable. 

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Re: Anyone need favors for wedding.. soon?

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