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Any ladies in JAX?

Hey everyone, I figured I'd take a leap of faith and see if there are any ladies stationed at NAS Jacksonville! We PCS'd here in March and I'm having a hard time finding friends here.
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Re: Any ladies in JAX?

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    aww sorry.. THere's a huge chance we'll end up at JAX next, but that won't be for a year or so. :/ Get a hold of hte wives club for your squadron. That's a great way to meet the people you will be around a lot at functions, and people that know the area!
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    Yeah, we are here for the next 2.5 years and we are hoping to do FI's next sea duty rotation here as well. :)
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    Can you wait until January? Haha. We will be at Kings Bay.
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    We'll be PCSing to Jacksonville.. but in NC not FL. Sorry.

    Try the Military Nesties, FB and like FTL suggested the wives club!!
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    My husband is stationed at Mayport. We are here for four more years, but i've lived here my whole life.
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    Lol Sami remember when we totally confused each other about which JAX we were talking about?! >_<

    That would be pretty rad to end up in Jax and meet people I met on here O.o
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