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Where to get/rent beverage dispenser cheaply?

Im planning a Budget wedding for 9.10.11. and would like to serve a few (3-4) fancy lemonades as an alternative to sodas. The problem is *how* to serve them, ideally I'd like a beverage dispenser such as :

but costing $30/ea slightly kills the budget considering I want at least 3-4 So does anyone know how I can get something like these cheaply (restaurant that would let me 'rent' maybe?) Or have an alternative suggestion for an alternative?( I'd prefer to avoid the punch bowl setup)

anywhere in the Saratoga /Fulton/ Montgomery county area would be great!

Re: Where to get/rent beverage dispenser cheaply?

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    Clifton Park Rental rents everything and would have something like what you are looking for. IDK what the price would be like but you could check it out.

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    christmas tree shop has those same ones for $14.99
    they also might have some punch bowls if you search around has punch fountains for $12,99
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    they have a bunch of very affordable and beautifully oldfashioned pedatoled beverage containers at bed bath and beyond (online) and they let you use even expired coupons always a good place to check
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