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Long shot....gluten free wedding cake!

I have Celiac Disease and so have to be on a gluten free diet. Even on my wedding day, no real cake or I will be sick, sick, sick and in the bathroom! With that said, anyone else have this same thing? We are going to go to the local gluten free bakery (thank goodness it's HERE!) to taste some of their wedding cakes. I am worried my fiance won't like it, and therefore want a regular cake for everyone, and a small one for me (and the couple others who have the same problem as me), which will cost extra money. Anyone ever taste a gluten free wedding cake? Anyone ever HAVE a gluten free wedding cake? What are some opinions on them? Obviously every place will be different, and I will have to try them myself...just seeing if anyone else has had this issue???

Re: Long shot....gluten free wedding cake!

  • LauraChristinLauraChristin member
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    We did the top tier of our wedding cake as gluten free and had a buffer between it and the layer below it. We notified the staff whose job it was to cut the cake to use a different knife and keep it separate. I'm gluten free and LOVED the cake. At our tasting my dad said he could tell the difference and didn't care for it but he didn't need to eat it so no big deal :) obviously your health is more important than anything else. ETA: we hired a "regular" wedding cake company who were able to accommodate this.
  • Thanks! I haven't even thought about a regular bakery....perhaps I will be calling around! Thanks!!
  • I have celiacs disease as well and my future sister-in-law is making the whole wedding cake GF from Betty Crockers GF boxes mixes at Walmart. Its difficult because I am lactose intolerant too. And GF cakes are just as delicious!! My fiancee eats GF with me most of the time though.
    The issue I am having is with the caterer. I had meetings and discussions with the caterer since september and they claimed they do gluten-free. Shockingly, after we paid the deposit in November, I phone them in January to check up on the linens and the manager suddenly wont accomodate me and my food was to be mixed with the gluten food! Outrageous! I am now scrabbling to find a new caterer and they breached our contract!!!

    Gluten-Free wedding will make it more stressful but it will be worth it to not have a microwave lunch for the reception. What did you do for the meal?
  • My mother has a wheat allergy. I eat her baked goods all the time (usually made with tapioca or potato flours). They're a bit different (more chewy), but still really good.

    moon, that's ridiculous about your caterer! I know it was hard for Mom to cut out wheat, but, really, there are so many options. When I attend catered meals, usually only the bread basket contains gluten or at least needs to contain gluten.
  • as a non-celiac person with a celiac friend, i would have to say chocolate cake tastes great isnt as chewy/dense. have you considered a flourless chocolate cake? those are supposed to be uber rich and tasty and gluten free
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  • Moon- Wow how horrible!! That's just low and adds stress you don't need! We went with a local caterer and are having a buffet style. She said they will just make me (and the few other guests with this problem) a separate plate with the same meat (roast beef or parmesan crusted chicken) in a gluten free way and serve the plates separate to our tables. Hope you find someone to accomodate you!

    Elisabeth and Jennifer- I don't have a problem with my gluten free cakes, I think they are delicious! Everything I have gotten from this gf bakery has been amazing. I am just worried when people hear it's "gluten free" they will automatically think different. Perhaps we just won't tell anyone XD I just need to make an appt to taste test the cakes there and see how my FI reacts! Thanks for the advice girls!
  • Stealth, when I was a little girl visiting my grandparents, Grandma took me to the grocery store and let me pick whatever cookies I wanted. I chose something low-fat, 'cause we'd recently tried them at school and I genuinely liked them. Grandpa, a stern, old-fashioned man, got all upset about the hippy health food being brought into the house.

    So I totally get the whole "peole will go eww without even trying it" sentiment. Yeah, just don't tell them. The only reason to tell guests the precise details of the ingredients of the food is allergy concerns. If those are an issue, they can ask you or the baker or caterer. You don't need to volunteer the info.
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    Ours was no big deal with our caterer. We choose a caterer that uses mostly local, sustainable, organic and natural ingredients.  Plenty of awesome food doesn't need to have gluten in it. But as we all know there's lots of weird things people do with food. We did serve a pasta dish that had gluten in it but everything else was gluten free. We had short ribs with a mushroom risotto, a turkey carving station with roasted vegetables, the pasta, a seafood and sushi station, green salad station, cured (gluten free) meats and cheese station and our dessert station had gluten free options in addition to gluten options.

    We even had a guest who couldn't eat gluten, soy, sugar, or dairy and she had plenty of options.

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  • If it's chocolate, trust me it will be good! The vanillla GF cakes seem to always be a bit dry.

    Moon, that's horrible but unsurprising. We had a simmilar issue,there was only a single caterer who has said that she would do gluten free. She has now backed out. Since we live in a small town I am now forced to do my own food. Ugh.
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  • I would be careful using a "regular bakery" as they may not be able to control for cross contamination.  This depends on how senstive you are, but even the presence of wheat flour dust in the air can affect some people.  Be sure they are well versed in gluten sensitivity etc. if you do go that route.

    I am going for cupcakes--I'll have a dozen made gluten free and vegan (as I also cannot have eggs and dairy) and the rest regular.

  • My future stepson just got married in Sept and his wife has celiac disease. Her mother ordered all the food and cakes but didn't order a gluten-free cake! The bride only ate a tiny piece during the cake cutting ceremony. I thought it was rude of her mother not to order a cake for a daughter to eat. They had a large cake and several smaller ones. Surely the baker (a friend of the bride's parents) could have made a gluten free cake just for the bride?
  • I haven't been on in a while but I did manage to find a gluten-free caterer. (And yell at the other one - which gave back my entire "non-refundable" deposit for lying to me - apparently they buy the cheapest ingredients they can in bulk - and refused to give out ingredients they use in their meals - so glad to be done with them.) And yes, the new caterer is even doing a separate plate and I have eaten with them before - thank goodness!

    Wow - RNMOMTO3, Glad to hear she didn't get a gluten attack from that tiny bit of cake! :(  Hope it was a beautiful wedding.
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