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QOTW - Week of 4/03/11 - Cake

Let's talk about cake.  Yum!  

Cake? Cupcakes? Something else?

Are you doing (or did you do) a groom's cake?

What are you using (or what did you use) for a cake topper?

Do you have any pictures (inspiration pics or actual pictures of your cake)?

Re: QOTW - Week of 4/03/11 - Cake

  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    We had a 3 tiered cake.  Our layers were:

    1.  White almond cake with chocolate buttercream
    2.  Lemon cake with raspberry filling
    3.  Chocolate cake with cherry filling

    As you can see, we used the Willow Tree cake topper.  I love Willow Tree angels and my secret sister at church bought it for me as an engagement present.  I hadn't even thought about a cake topper and completely loved it!!!

    I did a basketball cake for DH as a surprise with chocolate cake and orange creamsicle mousse filling (one of the bakeries we considered had this combination and DH was so disappointed that we didn't use them because he wanted these flavors).

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    Sounds yummy, Lisa! 

    We are getting a three-tiered round cake with a kitchen cake in the back for the additional slices we need. Our cake baker did the design and I LOVE it- it will utilize our colors (royal blue, turquoise and orange) with polka dots and one big, flat flower (hard to explain, but the sketch she did looks really cool). 

    We haven't chosen the flavors yet. The ones we tasted were white cake with raspberry buttercream filling and chocolate chop cake with chocolate filling- but she has many flavors and fillings, so we need to decide. 

    No cake topper for us. I just didn't really want one. 
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    Oh, and no groom's cake. Not too many people do that around here and I asked FI if he wanted one and he said no. He said let's spend our money on something else and it didn't matter to me if we had one or not. 

    Lisa- yours was really cute! If we WERE going to do one, it would be something to do with baseball. FI played his whole life and he coaches now. 
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    Edit to my first post- chocolate CHIP cake, not chocolate chop... I'm tired, haha. 
  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    A traditional white cake.  Haven't decided the flavors yet.

    Groom's Cake- sculpted Yoda :)

    I have a few ideas of what I want it to look like, but I need more ideas!!!
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    We're having a 3 tier (possibly 4...) round cake. Two layers are going to be vanilla rum cake with lemon curd and raspberry preserve filling, and one layer is going to be chocolate with strawberry preserves and chocolate ganache. Our cake toppers are fabulous, so perfect for us, a soccer player groom and a #1 fan cheering bride. I have a couple inspiration pictures. This is what the design will be:

    And then THIS is my super awesome idea that I SO hope I can get worked out...! We want to put citrus fruits in the boxes to match our centerpieces:

    And our cake toppers :)
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    Emily, your groom's cake is amazing! Nathan would LOVE that!!!!!

    Ours will be 3 tiers and white with a similar design to my dress. We do not have a cake topper instead we will have fresh flowers on top. And it will be vanilla pound cake with buttercream icing and filling

    We were not going to do a groom's cake but since our wedding cake and groom's cake are a wedding gift we decided to go for it. It's going to be an underwater theme cake (think sea world) thanks to Fi's love of marine biology. The cake will also have Nathan and I 's favorite bible verses hidden in the cake. The cake will be strawberry with buttercream icing and filling :)
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    FI and I decided to keep it sweet and simply. It's white and round with rounded edges, and small draping around the top. it's going to be three tiers. with two different flavors, Vanilla on the top and bottom tier. and a raspberry swirl for the middle. We haven't official decided on a cake topper. FI saw some awhile back that he loved, but they are way to much money so we are going to try and DIY. we'll see how it works out ;).
    and we weren't going to do a groom's cake. 
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  • DramaGeekDramaGeek member
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    We had a 4 tier cake to serve 350.  It was square, which was the new thing.  In fact, we were limited on the bakers we could use because we wanted a square cake and most of the bakeries around weren't doing them yet.

    Bottom tier:  Chocolate with boston cream
    Second: vanilla with raspberry
    Third: Chocolate with boston cream
    Top: (frozen and eaten on first anniversary) chocolate with boston cream

    Neither of us likes frosting at all, so we kept it very simple with a light coating of buttercream.  It was decorated with candles in small votives, similar to this

    except our candles were tea lights floating in the votive holders.

    This was our topper

    Funny cake story - our cake fell apart at 1 am the morning of our wedding.  I had designed it and it was the first time our baker, a family friend, was doing anything like it (rotating the square layers - done all the time now, but it wasn't done then).  She was working on it before the wedding and the bottom layer was too moist and the whole thing fell apart.  She called our coordinator - we all went to the same church - in tears, afraid I was going to be mad at her.  She had to start over at 1:30 that morning.

    Our coordinator told me when I got to the church, so I found our baker, gave her a hug and told her it was beautiful.  It truly was, and even more so when I knew the story behind it.  It wasn't the cake I designed, but it was beautiful and hey, it was cake!

    The moral of the story is, it will all work out, even if the cake doesn't look the way you had envisioned.
  • mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    3 round tiers. All are going to be white. We're plain. The top tier will be gluten free for me, FI and one other guest who has Celiac's and the rest will be traditional. No groom's cake. And we haven't thought about a cake topper yet, but we've looked and saw some really cute ideas! Inspiration pictures that I showed to our baker at the tasting:

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  • kitkat610kitkat610 member
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    We are having 3 seperate cakes for the wedding cake because the baker that my FI loves in his home town cannot do tiers (cakes are too heavy). He loves deserts especially cake, and I don't eat it so I thought this would be a great way to celebrate something that he loves. Also, our birthdays are the days on either side of our wedding so lots of cake seems appropriate :)
    The look is kind of like this but with just the middle 3 (collected from various family members)

    The flavors are red velvet, italian cream and white cake all with matching icing. The cake topper on the top one is my grandparents' from their wedding 56 years ago. The other two have decorations, flowers and a monogram but no toppers.

    The grooms cake is called Dobasche. We are having 2 "logs" one with nuts and one without. Here is the link the their cake menu.
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    Cake? Cupcakes? Something else?
    Cake - 3 tiers (top and bottom are vanilla with strawberry cream, and the middle is chocolate)
    Are you doing (or did you do) a groom's cake?
    It's a big deal in the south, so we're doing one.  It'll be chocolate with a picture of a 4440 John Deere tractor on it:

    What are you using (or what did you use) for a cake topper?

    I repainted parts so it's "us".  I changed his hair to light brown, the football to a John Deere hat that we always fight over, changed his tie and vest to our blue, add my blue sash to my dress, added his wedding band on and my ring and wedding band on, changed my eye color to brown, and knocked off my heals and painted my boots on.  :P  Whew - but it's done!!
    Do you have any pictures (inspiration pics or actual pictures of your cake)?

    Without the squirrel.  :P
    Top and bottom tiers are roses, middle is daisies.

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    Any and all God created. Each one is a masterpiece. :)

    I'm married!! As of May 1st, 2011. :)

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    I am still unsure of our flavors...but we will have a 4 tier square cake. here are the cake inspiration that i gave to the baker. (: we wont have as many flowers as the square cake....but it will look like the square cake except with flowers like that round cake. (:

    we aren't having a groom's cake. i was going to get him a 49ers cake....but maybe for some other occasion i will get it for him. (:

    i am still not sure about the cake topper..but this is whati am thinking.

    although i do think this sooo funny and cute! and will be me! lol.

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    We had a very traditional cake in terms of flavor.  I wanted wedding cake meaning the white cake white icing.  It was the best cake I've ever had.  Period.

    We had a groom's cake (no photo) but it was served the Thursday before our wedding at a cookout we hosted for family.  It was white cake and was decorated with DH's alma mater's mascot.  His school's colors were black and gold, so the baker also added shimmer to the gold icing.  It was perfect.

    Our cake topper was custom made by a seller on Etsy.  It was probably the biggest splurge of all at $200 -we stayed within budget for everything else.  It's obviously 2 birds and fit in perfectly with our theme.  We display it in our living room now. 

    Do the creep.
  • azdancer8azdancer8 member
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    Here is ours!

    Our florist provided flowers for the top, since we didn't want a traditional cake topper.
    We had vanilla almond cake with the filling alternating layers - raspberry and almond cream chese. Buttercream frosting, since we weren't too keen on the fondant texture.
    The whole theme of our wedding was "simple elegance" so of course our cake was understated, but still beautiful. I loved the look of the hexagons and circles together, and our baker did a phenomenal job "embroidering" the flowers on the frosting. :)

    We did not do a groom's cake, but if we had, DH's sister would have made it for him.
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    We've decided on 2 square layers, topped by 2 round layers.
    Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filing
    Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse filling
    Almond with Almond buttercream filling

    The outside layer of icing on all layers will be white chocolate buttercream

    YUM!! :-)

    I have a pic somewhere but I have to wait until I get home to put it up here.  I'll be back later with the pic!
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    we'll probably have 4 tiers. the flavors are red velvet with white chocolate ganache (sooo good!) and vanilla with lemon mousse (FI isn't too into sweets, but LOVES lemon.

    this is close to the picture the lady showed us in a book. the cake will be in a pale yellow with a blue ribbon around the bottom of each tier
    i think we're also going to use my parent's cake topper, which i can't find a picture of right now, but its two white birds and has pink ribbon on it right now that we'll swap out for blue most likely
    i'm so excited!! i loooove looking at wedding cakes but i always look at how perfect they look and i feel like i wouldn't want to eat it because it looks so good all complete! haha
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