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October honeymoon

I am getting married this year on October 2. I really wanted to go to Costa Rica but I am put off by the fact that it is the rainiest month of the year there and have seen many discouraging comments. I am looking for somewhere else that can offer me what Costa Rica can. I want to explore nature, hike, see waterfalls, zip line, and things like that. But I also want to be able to enjoy the sunshine and the beach. I would prefer all inclusive because we definitely like to drink and eat and think it would probably be costly to pay for all of that.  HELP!

Re: October honeymoon

  • I loved The Reefs Hotel in Bermuda!
  • I am getting married October 2 also.  We are heading down to Aruba.  It is their rainy season too but it is a desert island and only gets like 13 inches in a year.  I am paranoid about hurricanes.  Like I said, Aruba is a desert so one side of the island is completely different from the other.  The side with the hotels is what you think of when you think tropical island.  The clear waters, sandy beaches and so on.  The opposite side is wild.  The waves are huge crashing agains thte rocks.  Beautiful rock formations...there is a company I think it is sensitivehiker.com that does hikes through the countryside.  You can rent ATVs or jeeps to tour the desert and the rocks.  My FI is a hiker and he was excited to hear we can go hiking.  It really is beautiful.  Also, many different companies offer horseback riding: on the beach, through the desert, or around the island.  I highly reccomend
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  • I am getting married in October and we are going to Excellence Riveria Cancun for our honeymoon. Its the rainy season but I check historical weather info and it didn't look too bad for October. We chose that destination because you could visit the Mayan Ruins and swim with the dolphins and do a number of other excursions. Plus the all inclusive was nice. The resort has pretty good reviews on tripadvisor.

  • I am getting married on October 1st. We were also looking into Costa Rica. Many places are closed due to the "green season". We are heading to Belize. It has the same feel as CR and they say it can be a little rainy, but after doing research, it doesn't look too bad. They have mountains, rainforests, Mayan ruins nearby, and beaches.

  • I am not sure what your budget is like or for how long you can take off, but New Zealand seems to have what you are looking for.  (I am also getting married in October and considered Costa Rica, but am not going because it is rainy season.  Instead, we are likely heading to Australia and New Zealand). 

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  • I'm also getting married October 2nd! What a great day huh? ;)

    Well we were the BIGGEST advocates for a costa rica trip. We did a TON of research on it for our October Honeymoon. The deal is this- if you want to go to the Carribean side on the east part of CR you are golden. Its great weather and you will have a great trip. However the area where all the cool stuff like Arenal volcano and rainforests and ziplines etc are are in the Guanacaste region on the west side. And apparentlly it is very sketchy during this time. Rainy season is actually quite favorable time here for the most part but October is the exception. Its supposed to have the highest rainfall of the whole year. However if you dont mind postponing your HM by a month November is supposed to be the end of rainy season. We didnt want to do that though.
    Our friends uncle actually lives in the Guanacaste region so we spoke with him alot. He says it usually rains in the afternoon or evening everyday. And the roads are supposed to be pretty bad in CR as it is. Not easy to maneuver on a dry day. So when they are all flooded over in Oct they are hell I hear. Plus he said last Oct the rain was pretty bad there. So just going by that weather history thats not the best sign :(
    He did suggest that maybe they might have a mild rainy Oct this year and to wait until Sept to book the trip when we have a better idea of what the weather is. IBut if I didnt get to do all the stuff we came for and didnt get sun and had to stay in from rain on my goneymoon I would die. So I just gave up on this idea and decided we will go next winter for our Anniversary trip.
    Hope this helps :)
  • Have you thought about Mexico? It may not sound as enticing as Costa Rica, but I have been to Mexico numerous times and loved it! I am a HUGE fan of Dreams Resorts. These all-inclusive resorts located throughout Mexico offer tons of fun activities that could definitely make your honeymoon exciting. In particular, I would check out Dreams Los Cabos. It’s located just a short distance from El Arco, one of Mexico’s most famous natural wonders. The staff at the resort is very helpful and would definitely be willing to arrange any excursions you want to take. The beach at Dreams Los Cabos is also amazing. I definitely think Dreams Los Cabos would be the perfect place for your honeymoon. I hope you check it out. Congratulations!
  • Thanks for the tips everyone! I actually have been looking into Belize a lot. Have you found a place yet Sharpbride? I feel that the next best thing after Costa Rica is definitely Bellize, for all of the reasons I wanted to go to CR. However, the places I am finding in Belize are a little bit more pricey than I would like. I am really interested in an all inclusive. I am going to look into some of those resorts in Mexico too. Thanks again :)
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