Santa Barbara Venues?

Hi All!

Are there any Santa Barbara brides who can suggest some beautiful open spaces ( a la the SB Courthouse Sunken Gardens) where receptions are allowed?  I wanted a natural setting where I'd also be free to include a band, catering and open bar.

Alternatively, are there any recommendations on affordable vineyards for weddings?  We are hoping for a wedding of 75-100.

Thx to All!

~ Oly

Re: Santa Barbara Venues?

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    I was a SB bride and had a completely outdoor wedding so I might be able to help you.  If you want info or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]  I should also have some info and vendor reviews in my bio.  Good luck!

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    There is a historic house in goleta with huge open spaces  that does events--the Stow  .  FYI-this is a daytime place only
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    Alice Keck Park
    Cabrillo Park
    Mission Santa Barbara/Rose Garden
    Polo fields
    the beach!
    El Presidio
    Glen Annie Golf Club

    There are a ton of vineyards in Los Olivos and Santa Ynez...not 100% sure which ones are more affordable than others, but I would imagine any coordinator could tell you.  best of luck!

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    the stow house is beautiful and very affordable for the area.
    i heard glen annie is closed/closing.

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    Luckily we are getting to keep Glen Annie...another owner came in and kept it open.  It's a really great location option.  :)
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    Thanks everyone!

    Is anybody knowledgeable about the Stella Mare event center?  (  We went there to look at the space and it was beautiful!  Very chic french country with a beautiful outside area with purple flowers and hanging lights and views of the SB mountains.  It looks like its come down to either this location or another spot closer to us in Beverly Hills.  Would love to hear anybody's thoughts on this venue if they are aware of it!

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    Stella Mares is really wonderful!  I've had events and been to them there and seriously had a blast.  Their food is great, they work with you and focus on what you want to do instead of boxing you in on only what they can do, the staff is super friendly and helpful...I really like it there, can't ya tell?  :) 
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