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Rhode Island

Recently engaged & planning a Newport wedding

Hello RI Brides!

This will be the first of my many posts on this board! My fiance and I are recently engaged college sweethearts (we met while students at Salve Regina University), and we are currently planning a summer 2014 wedding in our beloved Newport. I found my dream dress at the Priscilla of Boston Warehouse Sale in October, and we are holding our ceremony at Salve, but otherwise I am looking for suggestions regarding local vendors. Any advice you have to share would be deeply appreciated!

Our biggest issue right now is the reception venue...any insight on the Marriott or the Hyatt? We'd like to have the reception at a hotel to make things easier for our many OOT guests.

Thanks ladies!

Re: Recently engaged & planning a Newport wedding

  • Hello! Welcome and Congratulations!!!

    Your starting out like my Fi and I did planning nice and far in advance!! I have been engaged for a year tomorrow, and will be getting married in June 2013. We are also having a Newport Wedding! We originally wanted a hotel wedding as well, so I looked into both the Marriot and The Hyatt, both beautiful. Do you have an idea of what your budget is like? Because they are both on the expensive side.

    We actually just signed with the Newport Yachting center. It is beautiful, and their coordinater Adrienne has been an angel in disguise in working with us to make our dream wedding affordable for us!! It is literally walking distance from the Marriot if your concerned about your guests getting to a hotel safely. I HIGHLY recommend that you look into it!

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  • AmandaLeigh-

    Thank you! Glad to know I'm not the only Newport bride planning over two years in advance! My parents will be paying for much of the wedding, and while we haven't yet sat down to discuss a formal budget, I'm thinking between them, us, and his parents, our budget will be around $20,000. We will probably invite between 100-125 people.

    I'll have to look into the yachting center. If you don't mind me asking, what are the details of your wedding? (weekday vs. weekend, guest count, etc)

    Thank you!
  • You budget is similar to mine. As is your guest list. We recentley decided to decrease the size of our guest list to be more budget friendly. We have decide that we are not having children attend, and we wont be inviting super distant relative who dont know who we are (awkward incident from our engagement party lol) so our guest list will be about 115 hopefully. We are having it on a Friday night, the site fee was lower by 1000$ i believe. They offer three packages, all of them include colored linens (which i thought was great because i would have rented them frok elsewhere anyway) three passed hor deurves, an appetizer, choice from 2 main courses, dessert, ALSO the cake is included! Which is awsome because its one less vendor to deal with. If you have any other questions let me know! :) goodluck!

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  • welcome! I am not a newport bride - but our reception is right over in Middletown at Atlantic Beach Club. I think they would also fit into your budget well. They have 2 hotels right across the street and the Middletown hotels are cheaper for guests to stay then Newport. Especially in Summer!

  • Welcome to the board and congrats!
    I live in Newport and was married here in October. I don't know anything about the Hyatt or Marriott, but I wouldn't limit yourself to those places b/c like URI says, there are places with hotels in walking distance! Also check out The Viking Hotel - they are amazing, prices are really reasonable, and it's an old hotel so your guests will get a good feeling for the Newport of long past. When I looked, you could get a package for $75/person.
    We had our reception at Regatta Place on Goat Island. It was amazing and our guests loved it! It's walking distance to the Hyatt Hotel.
    One thing about Newport Hotels: For weekends and peak season especially, many require a 2 night minimum, which many guests may not be up for. Just something to look into and consider, I was able to negotiate that out of my hotel contract at Newport Harbor Hotel, and the Quality Inn (across from Atlantic Beach Club) doesn't require that, either. Just a heads up from experience! Good luck!
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  • All the places that were recommended were awesome. and I agree I wouldn't limit yourself to hotels because there aer lots of places within walking distance. For example there are hotels across the Street from easton's routunda, Atlantic beach club, the newport yachting center, IRYS, etc.

    Also- please keep in mind that hotels charge a surcharge AND event tax.

    We were REALLY interested in the viking hotel and at the time (2010) pricing it was around 100$pp for all inclusive of 3 hrs of open bar, the food and the Cake too!

    But when all was said and done- there was a total of a 31% tax on the event. That brought the price up signifcantly and ended up being out of our budget.

    Don't let it deter you from checking out these places- but just keep that tax in mind and be sure to ask about all taxes and additional fees, up front.

    "Happy Hunting :)
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  • 2012- funny you mention that about the viking. we thought it was a good deal too, until we did the math on it. Linda -the event coordinator - was very sweet and more than willing to work within our budget. However, after all the taxes and having to strip it down so much to make it work, for example, the ballroom chairs, linens, it wasn't worth it. It would have eaten our entire budget. We are much happier where we ended up b/c it's allowed us to do another personal touches and things we would have had no money for if we had done it at Viking.
  • I'm also getting married at the Newport yachting center on October 7,2012. For rooms we used the Atlantic beach hotel which is right across from the Atlantic beach club because it was more affordable. We rented a trolley to transport the guests, which wasn't too expensive. What are u thinking of choosing for ure mean options? Everything looks so good!
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