I am plaining on putting a down payment on a photographer this coming week. we liked her alot. but im not really sure if the pricing is good...i dont really have any experence with this stuff. She 3,000 which includes having her for 10 hrs. all our proofs on a cd edited all in color and B&W. 25% off and pics we order or albams, and a free engagment session. Does anyone know if that sounds reasonable or does it sound pricey?

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    It's too pricey for me, but from the research I've done, it's about average for what the higher-end well-known southern Maine photographers charge. It sounds like you get a lot of extras included in that, which is great! If you like her and can spend the money, I say go for it. It sounds like it's worth the money. IMO, photography is an important thing to spend money on, and you definitely want to pick someone you like, since they'll be with you all day.
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    So then that is high for a photographer...i have no idea about this stuff.  if you dont mind me asking are you having one..? and if so what photographer are you using?

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    We are using Peter Ingersoll from Windswept Acres Photography.  He has been fabulous!  He has been a great resource for everything wedding!  We are getting him for ten hours, a flush mount album with 70 pics, 1 photo original set, 1 11x14 traditional wall portrait, engagement shoot,  A DVD set of wedding images with the copyright release and two flush mount parent albums for under $3000.  I think it may have been closer to $2500.  I would need to look it up again to give an exact amount. 

    **EDIT**  I did the math and it came up to $2300.  So that can give you a price comparison.  I think that $3000 is about average.  I know that I checked into another photographer that I liked and she was $5000 for what we needed.  ( 
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    Our photographer is Clare Norton and she is $1,500 for all day photography and a DVD. I don't think $3,000 is high in general...I think there are a lot that charge in that range. But we also found a lot in the $1,500-$2,000 range. It just depends on what you're looking to spend and what you're getting for your money. We went with Clare not only because of her price, but because of how much we clicked with her and how much we liked her photos.

    If you're looking to price compare, do some online research. A lot of photographers list their prices online -- if they don't, you can inquire.
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    $3000 is definitely on the high end, but not necessarily "too much" depending on who the photographer is, their reputation, your budget, and how their style of photography matches what you want. 
    As MiniMin said, there are plenty of great photographers who charge in the $1500-$2000 range.  I paid $1300 (but locked in 2008 prices for my 2009 wedding) and had 2 photographers for 6 hours (which was plenty of time), have a CD of all the images taken, and a 4X6 print of each image, and an engagement session. I was also given a discount on enlargements (with a few included - which I haven't even chosen yet), but I don't plan on using them for any reprints beyond those that were included in my package price...  I'll get them done myself for MUCH cheaper.
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    $3000 sounds like a lot to me, but I would check into how much the albums and prints are originally,  If all you know is that it's 25% off, you want to make sure you're not going to be blindsided later on by the cost.

    We decided to go with Shannon Post, she is really easy going and uses natural lighting.  Our package included guest book, coffee table album, online gallery, rights to negatives, 8 hours of coverage, and 2 for 1 engagement prints and full engagement session. With tax and everything it is around $2300 that we are paying. 

    There are dozens of Maine wedding photographers that do incredible work. I believe that Photography is one of the most important things, so If you are comfortable with the photographer and the price, and it's what will make you happy then go for it!

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    Check Iris Leaf Photography at
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    I feel that, personally, $3000 is insane.  Then again, we're students, and we're paying for this on our own.

    We're paying $900 for Jennifer Lamoreau

    We get an hour engagement shoot, 6 hours on the wedding day, and all the rights to our (edited) pictures.

    FSIL paid about $2000 for which is a two person team.  They were really nice and knew EVERYONE'S name beforehand, and the weird family dynamics (groom's family had a nasty divorce), it was almost creepy. The pictures were nice, but too many posed shots (which I'm sure they're flexible about, if you talk to them).  

    That's all my personal knowledge.  Limited, I know.


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