Nevada-Las Vegas

Final thoughts... my fingers hurt!

Advice to add on top of past brides great advice!

if you are making decor and are flying: ship down as much as you can! I shipped everything, shoes, dress, decor, cardbox, etc. and bought the other little stuff down there. Walked on the plane with only my oversized purse and wedding contracts. Nice and unstressful. We FedEx'd... weren't feeling UPS.

Buy some goodies when you get in for your room... water, juice, booze if you like... and some snacks! It was nice not to have the temptation of the outrageously priced hotel bottled water on the dresser.

Extras to pack: Visine for contacts! yay they actually make it for contacts!, baby powder (for those sweaty feet in heels moments) and nose strips... yes I admit it! I have huge pores and did a strip the night before and had flawless makeup the next day! I usually hate makeup on my nose so that was great!

and oh PS... We bachloretted at Planet Hollywood... dinner at Earl of Sandwich (SO GOOD YOU MUST GO!) Beerpong @ Blondies (so fun! clean cups and balls provided just buy your pitchers to fill! my non-beer drinking girlfriend actually got a pitcher of vodka and cranberry to play with! HAH) and finished up dancing @ the Gallery.  My MOH got us VIP and comp'd bottle service, although we ended up paying for one more bottle we like to party!  Amazing time!

Re: Final thoughts... my fingers hurt!

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