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Why do they have to show you how many have been purchased?  I have been updating my registry on an almost monthly basis as I think of items since mine are very sparse as it is.  I went on to add something and saw someone purchased an item.  I like the surprise of not knowing what I am getting.  Boo to registry creators for not hiding that!

Re: Registry Lists

  • I think they show it so that the other guests don't buy the item.. I didn't know that they didn't hide it from the list makers though, maybe they do it so that brides who want to know can know?  Maybe talk to the registry company and see if they can hide it from you but not your guests?
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  • I have been really annoyed by that, as well. The reason they show the count to the registry creator is so that you know when things are low and can add more. But I really wish that they did it some other way, like showing category totals or something. Like, is should say "you are registered for 40 items in kitchen ware, and 35 have been fulfilled." Then I can add kitchenware (or whatever) items without having to know exactly what the 35 things are.
  • Oh I am the total opposite of this. Nothing has been purchased yet, but I keep checking it almost daily and can't wait to see when things are bought.
    I guess there are def. two types of people lol
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  • I was annoyed by this at first, too, but I can see negatives and positives either way.

    Nobody has bought anything on ours yet, but we're also going to make another registry somewhere else. In this case, I'd like to know if something is purchased so I don't delete it and find something I want more at another store.

    I guess if you just put TONS of stuff on there, then never look at it, that could work? lol Or you could designate someone (like mom or a BM or something) to handle your registry after you initially create it. They can let you know if you need to add things in certain categories. I've noticed you can easily add stuff without seeing what's been purchased, at least for Bed Bath & Beyond.
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