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Inexpensive, very inclusive wedding in STL area

I am looking to have a small wedding 15 to 20 people in a beautiful location in the St. Louis area without the stresses of setup and clean up for an inexpensive price less than 200 if possible for EVERYTHING but the ring. All I really need is a beautiful place to have the wedding with seating for about 15 to 20 people, an officiate to do the cermony, and maybe some decorations that the facility keeps there for people to use and possibly an inexpensive but good photographer. I'm not looking to have a reception. I just want an inclusive wedding in a beautiful setting. I already figured out how I can get a dress that fits my personaility for less than 100 I'm gonna get a dress that is typivally for a prom in either ivory or light pink [my friends agree light pink suits me well]l. I'm not sure of when we will be getting married yet. I'm becoming very discouraged though as the only place I can find that might be this cheap is St Louis Wedding Chapel. If anyone has been married there or knows of anyone that has please tell me how you liked it.thanks.

Re: Inexpensive, very inclusive wedding in STL area

  • auriannaaurianna member
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    You said you aren't looking to have a reception? I'm hoping you just mean you already have that planned.
    If you have a wedding that people are invited to, you must host them afterwards as a thank you for attending your wedding. It is very rude to have a wedding without a reception.
    But luckily, as long as the wedding isn't near a meal time (say if it were at 2pm), then the reception could be as simple as cake and punch. Or Homemade cookies and cheese and crackers, etc (so not that expensive).
    If your ceremony is near a meal time (so 11am-1:30pm or 4pm-8:30pm, give or take), you will need to provide a meal with the reception. But again, it does not need to be fancy. It can be BBQ in your backyard.
    You have to host something for your guests though.

    (I know that was not the advice you asked for, but please think about it)

    As far as a ceremony goes...
    I'm not sure you're going to find a place that costs less than $200 that comes with its own officiant, and definitely not a photographer (most photographers will cost at least $200 all on their own, and I know we paid our officiant more than $200).
    For a photographer, do you have any acquantances that do photography as a hobby? Maybe ask them if they'd be willing to shoot your wedding with a digital camera for $25 (and then just get the prints developed later when you can afford it). Or see if you can put up an ad at Wash U's art school looking for a photographer. Students might be willing to give you a discount.

    Officiant... I'm ignorant here, but aren't there ways for regular people to get licensed to perform weddings? (not sure how much it would cost). Assuming that isn't expensive, is there anyway you could ask someone close to you if they could officiate?
    Otherwise I'd just google "Justice of the peace St. louis" and see who pops up and start making some phone calls.

    The ceremony site... does anyone in your family belong to a country club? Or live in a condo complex with a club house that you could some how get a member rental rate for?
    There are some absolutely gorgeous houses in this city. Any chance you know someone who lives in one and you could pay to get married on their front steps or in their back yard?
  • The other option... Which I am not officially condoning.

    Is have a truly private, blitz ceremony. Like just you, your fiance, your siblings, their significant others and your parents, the officiant and the photographer. No one else... and just do a pop-up wedding somewhere quick. Like down by the fountains at the bottom of Art Hill. Or on the steps at the History museum. Or by the gazebo at the Muny. etc, etc
    It would have to be very, very quick since it's probably not allowed, and because your guests wouldn't have chairs, which is rude.
    And then, meet everyone else at the reception, which again could be BBQ in someone's back yard.

    Or probably a better version of that....
    Get married at city hall. See how many people can be in attendance for that. (Though you'll need to find a way to pay for their parking). Then move to the picnic tables at Forest Park and host a short cake & punch (or whatever) reception... and then just take your wedding pictures at all those places I mentioned before.
  • Ro041Ro041 member
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    City hall seems to be where people go when they want to get married on the cheap.  They have pews and an officiant.  Clayton does weddings every Wednesday maybe?  It's always fun to see brides in their dresses hanging around the courthouse.

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