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Rehersal dinner outfit for winter wedding?

I have no clue what to wear to my rehersal's of course going to be freezing out so I don't know if a dress would make sense.

Any suggestions

Re: Rehersal dinner outfit for winter wedding?

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    Personally, I would wear a dress, regardless of the season.  Strapless dress?  Probably not.  Maybe a cute sweater dress or a wrap dress with sleeves.   
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    I agree, I think I would definitely do a dress. You could always wear black stockings or leggings under neither and dress it up with a cute pair of heels.
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    I'm going to wear a cute dress with a sweater cardigan over it.

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    Looks like I'm going dress shopping :)
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    I think a nice pair of dress pants and a top would be appropraite as long as its dressy.  I hate stockings with a passion, so unless I can wear my knee high boots with a dress or skirt, I stick with pants in the winter.  Must be all my years of school uniforms that traumatized me.  

    I dont think it would be inappropriate to wear pants at the end of December.
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    Dress is good, I'm getting married in February and was thinking a nice sweater dress with leggings, but still not sure yet.
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