OMG 19 Days

Alright welcome to my home stretch!!  19 days left until the wedding and things are all finally falling exactly into place.  A few notes for Omaha brides...

1.  I just found this party supply store yesterday (which isn't helpful to me anymore but to you it might help).  It's across from NFM on 72nd street.  They have so much stuff for parties and/or wedding.  They had tons of really cute and fun stuff for bachelorettes party - check it out if you can't find something.

2.  I am increasingly more and more impressed with Chad Morford from 1316 Jones Street (my reception venue).  He's the manager of The Paxton too and he has just gone above and beyond for this wedding especially in the past few weeks.  If either places are at all what you're looking forward I highly reccomend it. 

3.  I just finished welcome baskets and they are such a headache.  We will see if the guests appreciate it as much as I hope.

Okay well just an update because my family is sick of hearing about my wedding planning - haha.  Happy days to everyone out there!!

Re: OMG 19 Days

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    How exciting!! Glad you're having a good experience with your venue. That's so important. And thanks for the pieces of advice! Hope you have a fabulous wedding day!
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    Best of luck with the remaining days! 

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    We had our wedding at the Paxton, and I loved working with Chad!  He was our favorite vendor, because he goes above and beyond the call of duty.  Good luck with your last few days... it'll be here before you know it! :)
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    You will love chad and 1316 jones.  We had our wedding there a year and a half or so ago and still keep talking about how great it was!
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