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PSA: Living Social Photo Book

Hey ladies.  There is a Living Social deal for a $10 photo book from Picaboo.  This is an 8.5" x 11" book.  I used this website to create my photo guest book for my wedding, and it was pretty simple and turned out super cute.  Everyone loved the guest book, and just about every time I got up to visit tables, the people I wanted to talk to were up looking at it and signing it.  So if that's something that you've been interested in, this is a pretty good price.

My book was an 11" x 14", and I got it for $20 on a different Living Social deal, but the 8.5" would be plenty big.  The shipping on it was about $10 in addition.  If anyone wants to see my book I made for the wedding, I can email it to you.

I did buy the deal again to do a wedding or honeymoon book, or a book for my parents (haven't decided yet).  This link will bring you to the deal if you want to purchase.  (I do get mine free if 3 people buy from this link.)


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Re: PSA: Living Social Photo Book

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