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My cousin is having a wedding in August...the ceremony will be in a church & the reception will be outside at a family friend's ranch.  How should we convey on the invitation that they should dress church appropriate, but cool & comfortable?

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    I think that, as long as people can tell by the invitation that they'll be going to a church and then a ranch, they should be able to figure it out. That said, make sure that Church and Ranch are associated with the addresses for the event so that they have the chance to figure it out.
    If you/she are really concerned, I might add wording like:
    "Please consider the venues and the weather when planning your attire." (Not my best copy ever, but I think you get the idea)
    This lets them make their own decision on what to wear but bring their attention to their dress.
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    [QUOTE] I might add wording like: "Please consider the venues and the weather when planning your attire."
    Posted by carolynnmarieg[/QUOTE]

    But that's a given, you really don't need to state that.

    It should be clear by the invitation that the wedding is in a church and the reception is at a ranch.  Call it the Xyz Ranch or The Residence of Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so, and that will clue people in.  If they have a wedding website, they can mention attire there, but you shouldn't mention attire on the invitation at all.  If people want to know, they'll ask.  They'll also check the weather and dress appropriately for the temp that day.
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  • Yeah, don't include it on the actual invitation. I am actually making a separate little card to put into the envelope of the invitation that has our wedding website on it. The website has ALL the information that anyone would need to be prepared for the wedding.
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  • I also think you should keep the wording casual.  Don't use Mr. and Mrs.  use first names for parents (if you are including them.)  Don't formally write out the date like "the eight of July two thousand ten" I would write July 8, 2010.  

    I agree with PP, include an information card and/or have a website.
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