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Waa-aaay Ahead of Our Time?

Hi there!

Just got engaged (yay!!) on July 7th, and have tenatively set the date for October 20...2012.

I can feel myself getting all in a tizzy about when it's time to start doing the ACTUAL planning, instead of the dreaming and wishing and hoping and praying (ha ha).

Where/When do I even think about starting?

Re: Waa-aaay Ahead of Our Time?

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    You can start planning as much as you want when you want.  A girl on my month board has been really planning for over two years.  They booked their venues and major vendors early.  She loves it because their deposits are down, she is just paying off balances.  AND, you get the contract signed, you lock into their current rates, not the increased rates they may have by the time your wedding is here.  She had her dress picked for a while, but waited for the year mark to order.  But, I think you can move at whatever pace you want!!!!  So, if you are itching to get somethings planned...go ahead and start planning!
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    I was engaged for 3 years and 9 months.  It was extreme.  For the first 2 years we didn't do too much.  The only thing we did was sign our venue and services contracts, and look into photographers.

    With dress shopping- you can do it now, but once you do it, don't look at any other dresses.  You'll second guess and you end up a 2 dress bride, trying to discount and sell your original at a loss.  

    Other than that, you'll find some of the smaller vendors can't book that far in advance, so be prepared to hear "call back and ask in a year".  Don't get disheartened, and the vendors who will be the best are always willing to work with you, even if you do have to wait a bit.
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    I agree with the PP. Don't second guess yourself. If you are really wanting to get started make sure you do tons of research so your not putting money down on a venue and then finding something better later! I know how you feel though. I've been planning for a 2011 wedding since january 09.


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    My fiance teases me because about an hour after he proposed I was asking him about colors that he likes :P. Even though our wedding isn't until April 2012 we are close to booking our church and reception venue and have meetings with two photographers next week. I say start as soon as you like. The idea of locking into current prices is very nice, plus spreading out the planning makes it easier on my parents since they're paying for the wedding. This way they don't have to worry about paying for everything at once.
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    it goes by fast and things book up so quickly...which I did not realize. Plus planning early means you save a little money if prices go up!
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    I agree you can start to plan whenever you want and may be a good idea to get the bigger things booked earlier if you have your heart set on a place. I planned for 2 years and by the end it drove me crazy and I didn't enjoy it anymore...just make sure if you start now, you take a break if you need it.
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    Congrats! We got engaged on April 4 and are planning on June 2012. I have started a lot of ideas but I find myself always changing the ideas! Which is ok, as long as I like them more than the ones before. Anyways, I dont think its too early to start especially with a summer or fall wedding. 

    Good luck!

    PS. It feels so much better when you have less than 2 years.. there is just something about a 2 in the year part seeming so long vs. 1 yr and 9 months---or whatever! :)
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    we started planning after our engagement in Feb and we are not getting married until sept 2011. I am glad we have done all of it so early becasue now, I can focus on the big deal and just worry about paying it off before then. I am a lot more prepared and a lot less stressed out because of this.
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    Enjoy being engaged and the planning process.  It goes by fast.  Use checklists from the knot and a Bridal magazine.  Also, make a master list for yourself and then lists as the time comes near.  That helped me a lot.  It does get stressful, but is also fun, and worth it in the end.  My wedding was two and a half weeks ago!

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